March 10, 2013

Thank You and a Little Black and White Photo Tutorial

The kick-off event of A Personal Photo Challenge was a wonderful success! A hearty THANK YOU goes out to the participants, my faithful blog readers, and those friends who helped publicize it. There are always initial jitters with endeavors like this. It’s like throwing a party. Will anybody will show up? And then if they do show up, will they have fun? In this case, the answers were yes and yes!

The participants had a nice range of experience, and there was an abundance of creativity. I’ve been told that some people learned something new and several got a fresh appreciation for black and white photography. Terrific! If you didn't participate this time, I hope you will consider jumping into the next one. The photo challenge fun will be the second Saturday of each month.

One of the tips that I passed on in my post yesterday is that various color filters can enhance an image’s black and white transformation. I used Photoshop for my editing, but you don’t need a fancy editing program to accomplish this trick on your own photos.

I pulled out all the stops and this morning taught myself how to do a Quicktime video of my desktop screen. So here is a little tutorial that shows you how easy it is to add color filters to your black and white conversions in PicMonkey.

applying filters in Picmonkey B&W from Donna Martin on Vimeo.

I hope you will give this technique a try!


  1. Oh Donna, the challenge was fun!! Thank you So much for hosting them. And this tutorial is wonderful. I do my edits with PSE and actions. I'll check out Picmonkey!
    You always make things look so easy...

  2. I've used pic monkey a few times. I'll have to go give this a try next time I do some playing. The challenge was fun and I look forward to the next one

  3. Thanks for hosting the photo challenge Donna. I will have to take a look at this idea on pic monkey. Thanks!

  4. I use pic monkey for collages, but will have to try doing other things with it as well.

    Loved the challenge, Donna and MsBrenda's also. Liked that there were two on the same day; gives the old thinkin' cap a workout. :)


  5. Hi Donna, Congrats on your Photo Challenge... Sounds like it was a great success. Will you post the pictures that have been entered? I hope so. I used to follow a gal who did this kind of challenge --and always enjoyed seeing all of the entrees... Thanks!

    So many people are learning from YOU... You are a good teacher..


    1. No, I won't be doing a post that shows various photos done by folks for the challenges. First of all, I don't want to go grabbing other people's images to post here on my personal blog. Second, it would be best to visit the participants directly. I hope you understand!

      I appreciate your kind words! I certainly don't have a teaching background, so I am just flying by the seat of my pants, LOL.

  6. Wow great job with the video! Loving picmonkey!

  7. I loved this challenge. Just checking to see if the future theme are listing so I can continue to work with my camera. I do find with all the photo enhancers but want to use this new camera. I know how on my old one but just have to find it on this one.
    Thanks for a fun challenge.

  8. You do a great job of flying by the seat of your pants Donna :) glad everyone had a good time and learned something new.


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