April 26, 2013

Marty's Movies - Part 1

Marty, the blog greeting rabbit, here! While Donna is away, I’m popping up bags of popcorn and enjoying a few movies. Won't you join me? If I were a rambling kind of rabbit, I would probably hop off to see some places out in the wild, wild west.


  1. It bounced all over for me. Tried loading it up and rewatching and still...I can tell that it would be beautiful just from those cloud formations. Hope that you're having a blast!

  2. Thank You Sweet Marty!! SO peaceful...

    PS-Behave! :o)

  3. I would love to join you for a movie Marty. Unfortunately my computer is not doing well with videos these days. Can I have some popcorn though?....lol

  4. Lovely video, Donna...oh, I mean Marty. :) Makes me want to learn more about my video setting on my camera.


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