November 13, 2013

Photo of the Week - Fall Colors at Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells, near Aspen, Colorado

I was going through some of my archived photos recently, looking at those that include fall colors. And I fondly reminisced when I looked at some older ones taken back in 2008. This time period was not long after my retirement and it was near the beginning of my digital photography journey.

Gosh, I’m come a long way in knowledge since then. I also smile at the thought of how much more I can learn in another five years, the good Lord willing.

I remember the glorious weather that day, and the excitement of seeing the Maroon Bells again, almost 35 years after seeing them initially during my college years. And I was visiting this beautiful mountain vista with Mr. Jim and some dear friends. My bad left knee was very swollen at the time and giving me lots of pain on the trip. So I couldn’t walk around very much. I pushed aside the pain long enough so that I could try to capture some of the magic.

My digital camera at the time was very modest, and I only owned one lens. The captured jpeg images are less than 3 MB each, quite laughable with today’s digital camera capabilities. But a fresh edit of those precious pixels mentally transports me right back to the scene, surrounded by the golden glow of quaking aspen leaves in the Colorado mountains.


  1. Gorgeous view Donna. I just commented on your previous post and I like the idea of your Wednesday theme. When I started blogging I did a Friday's favourite which featured a photo, gardening tool or anything else I wanted to share. The weekly memes can be overwhelming with visiting so many people. I much prefer my favourite monthly gatherings that you and Vee host.

  2. gorgeous as always thoughts and prayers are with you both each day

  3. So beautiful. I miss Colorado .
    Oh meant to say ~ yesterday your gorgeous note cards arrived :)
    Thank you so much Donna .

  4. Such wonderfully intense color in your photo. Those are the autumn days to carry in one's heart, unlike these gray ones we've been having lately. It is something to note how a photograph can bring the memory of the day to the forefront.

  5. Yes, our photography (and cameras) have improved, haven't they? I look back at some of my older photos and can REALLY tell the difference...

    BUT--Maroon Bells is another place on our list where we want to go. Our good friends have been there and sent us photos... Amazing place...

    Great photo.

  6. it may be your early work but it's still a beautiful shot.

  7. Just gorgeous. All the shots are good, Donna! As Wayne Gretzky opined, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Digital photography is so wonderful. Maroon Bells ... what a magical name.

  8. Fun to wander through that time with you again! I remember how your knee was so awful for so long, oh my gosh. Still, I'm glad you can remember that place with peacefulness, and I hope the pain will not be remembered. :)

  9. This is a beautiful picture. It brought back some special memories. I spent a lot of time in that area when I was young. Playing music and being a gypsy.

  10. Oh so beautiful....I love your photos...:)
    Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a sweet comment. I was so afraid my olden furniture wouldn't work well in this more modern house....but, I guess because I LIKE my furniture, it looks ok here.:)

  11. They say it's God's country...When I see shots like this, I believe it...Beautiful Donna!!

  12. Hi Donna, I love your mountain scenery. This would make a beautiful note card.
    Thanks again for the lovely note cards you sent me :)


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