December 12, 2013

The "SNOW" Decorative Word Project

As usual, I am running behind on completing tasks. My attention is easily diverted on normal days, and it’s even worse during the Christmas season. Our cottage is decorated (minimally), but I haven’t gone around to take photos and share them here on my blog. Perhaps I’ll get that done in the next week, perhaps not! No promises. It’s all about priorities, right?

Despite being pulled in many different directions, I managed to recently get a quick décor-crafting project completed. And it’s good for the entire winter season, not just for Christmas!

First of all, I ordered some 9½” letters from the JoAnns online store a couple of months ago. These are ¼” thick and made of MDF composite. It was even better that the letters were on sale.

Other supplies included a can of white spray paint, a cardboard nail file to smooth out some of the edges of the MDF letters, and a package of Command Velcro strips used for picture hanging.

Painting was the most time-consuming part of the project. I sprayed the letters outdoors and used cardboard to protect the grass. Two coats were sufficient. Hints: Note the wind direction and stand upwind of the paint spray. Also, make sure you are painting the right side of the letters. Just saying…

After the paint is completely dry, then affix the Command Velcro strips on the back of the letters per the packaging directions. The letters don’t weigh much, so one or two Velcro strips for each one is sufficient.

You can drive yourself crazy on measuring the distance between the “SNOW” letters, but I threw caution to the wind and just eyeballed their placement. And I didn’t have to worry about them being level because I nestled the bottom edge up against window molding. This photo shows what the completed project looks like in our great room! (That’s our screen porch on the other side of the window.)

And when I’m ready to take the decoration down a few months from now, the Command strips will come off the wall without leaving any nail holes. 

Now that you see how easy it is, are you inspired to try a decorative word project of your own?


  1. I love word projects. And I love snow. This is great.

  2. that's very cool. and no backwards 's'. :)

  3. I love this idea Donna. They look great. I have 'experienced' your tips before too. lol And somehow my glasses got sprayed and my feet. It's hard to find a non-windy spot where we live so I sometimes move the car out of the garage and paint in there. I haven't seen the command velcro strips. They sound like a perfect idea for the letters. Pamela

  4. what fun, I hope my letters the J and Y go up as easily. Delivered them today.

  5. Cute project! I really like the Command products they come in handy for seasonal decorating.

  6. That looks really nice! It really is a cute idea and looks great above a doorway! :-) I'll have to check into that Command product.

  7. Love decor with presence...this has it! Very nice! (For future reference, try using a cardboard box for your spray painting projects. It really works well.)

    1. I know that trick, but I didn't have a big enough box to spray all the letters at once.

  8. Love this idea and so simple too. I need to get some of those Command strips, I hear they're wonderful. By the way, your letter placement looks perfect:-)

  9. Your word packs a powerful decorating punch! Great job!

  10. That is a fab idea Donna - bit late for me to get with it this year but definitely for next if those letters are available, and my memory holds up!!! I love the 'written word' and for this project the larger the better as they make a bold statement.

    Thanks for your recent e-mail - things are so busy but I am thankful for your kind words, and I think of you two daily!!

    With hugs - stay warm. Mary XX

  11. That's a great idea. I am so far behind that I don't know if I'll every get caught up. It's a very busy month for me this year.
    Take Care...!!

  12. Love the idea! But mine will say FOOD....Hahaaaa

  13. I really like this idea. I didn't know they made velcro command strips. It seems every time I try and do spray painting outside, that's when the wind decides to pick up

  14. I'll need a couple of changes - yellow paint and the word SUN!! :) Looks like fun.

  15. OMYGOSH...I can't believe how GREAT this looks and how simple....I am getting my letters and white paint at Hobby Lobby tomorrow and make this for our dining room....sooo cute...
    Thanks for the great tip...

  16. I was just thinking...these would look awesome with a light dusting of white glitter.....uh hu....!!

  17. Great fun Donna.
    I can't remember whether it does actually snow there?
    I think it might, excuse me ignorance.

  18. I had all kinds of plans for 'word' projects this year. Everything changed when my dear, little mother fell. Now I'm doing good to get a few simple decorations up. Next year. Maybe! I love your 'snow'!


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