August 20, 2014

Photo of the Week - Towering Cliffs

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah


  1. it made me think of nougat or something like toasted marshmallow. :)

  2. Trees on that ledge or just shrubs? I'm trying to figure out how massive it is.

    1. This view is zoomed in, so it is difficult to say. There is definitely a tree on the right-hand side of the frame. Some of the cliffs in this national park are in the range of 1000 feet high. I would guess that these cliffs are about 400 to 500 feet high.

  3. Wow - you do such good work ma'am! :)


  4. Amazing view...beautiful photo!!

  5. Man that photo looks alive doesn't it. Like it could move toward you like a lurking animal? Great that you have those photos, even tho you didn't get to travel here yet. Still praying for Jim and for you to be healthy for him.

    Yup, now I have about 2 weeks of chemo symptoms but thus far ain't too shabby. I finally have the hang on the managing part. (and now Im done, great, huh) No matter what they tell you, you don't know what to do until it happens / strikes.

    I met my rad onco yesterday and they have a new machine / scanner that has zero side effects. In fact, he said that many of the patients comment about half way thru the daily schedules that they are more energetic. Yay for energy!!! ♥

  6. hey Donna, THANKS FOR THE HIP BUMP!!!! awesome! ♥

  7. Beautiful! Again I have to say it, so thankful for our gorgeous national parks. Think how sad it would be if we had no knowledge of all this natural beauty, and no way to traverse the landscape to get to view such amazing sights!

    Thank you Donna for your kind words about my dear mother-in-law - she will be missed, but had a long happy life. We fly to New Hampshire tomorrow.

    Hope life is good for you and Mr. Jim - sending hugs.
    Mary XX

  8. You sure know how to capture Mother Nature at her best.


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