July 8, 2015

Photo of the Week - Mountain Homestead

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

While visiting the famous Mormon Row of historical structures one morning, I ventured into the Antelope Flats area to scout out composition possibilities. It was slow going, dodging thick and tall sagebrush with my unsteady feet. But I was rewarded with a breathtaking view of the old Thomas Murphy homestead and barn, with Mount Moran peeking through clouds in the backdrop.

I whispered a silent prayer of gratitude to see this glorious sight. And I knew that I wanted to share it with you as well. (As always, remember to click on the image to see it bigger.)


  1. Oh, sweet Donna - that is nothing less than breath taking! I love it!! :)


  2. Another sharp intake of breath and then a slow exhale when I saw this photo. Perfectly gorgeous!

  3. Oh my this is gorgeous. Can you imagine getting up every morning and seeing this view?

  4. Oh Donna, that is SUCH a gorgeous shot! You must be so pleased with your photos from this trip. It was worth all the early mornings and the tired bones and body at night for these wonderful images...

  5. Artists would love you! You make it so incredibly beautiful, vivid, and clear.

  6. These photos are taking me back to the trip we made there. Thank you so much!!! The day we stopped here, there was a coyote sniffing around the barn! I soooooooooo love this area and your photos have brought it to life again. Thanks!

  7. Donna, this is certainly going to be one of my favorites - splendid job and worth the struggle
    through the sagebrush!

    The Tetons are some of my favorite peaks - I love to go there.
    Nothing like this on my recent trip home - but the countryside was beautiful dressed for early Summer.
    Take care dear - Mary

  8. Absolutely breathtaking! Wouldn't that be a sight to see every morning if you lived in that little house!

  9. A glorious sight indeed!! The imposing mountain partly hidden behind the clouds...and the unimposing homestead in its shadow...such a juxtaposition of images and thoughts. What a sight you've captured!

  10. Magnificent photography Donna - WOW!
    No doubt about the Artist Who created that awe-inspiring background for you!
    I've just returned home from my trip to Ireland and France and great to see you posting dear Donna.
    Shane x

  11. Wow! Stunning photo Donna. That mountain enveloped in cloud and the sun shining on the old homestead is perfect. Great timing!

  12. God has a fabulous paintbrush and you really do his handy work, Justice!

  13. Donna, I was very hesitant to put my email address in my earlier comment as I don't normally do that. Since I see that you approve comments before publishing, I would be more than happy if you wouldn't publish it.


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