November 18, 2015

Photo of the Week - Golden Coat of Leaves

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

During a recent photo workshop, the leader pointed out a lovely tree that bends along the Little River. Its location is not far from the Townsend entrance into the park. Small in stature and nestled among a tall canopy of other trees, it would easily be overlooked the vast majority of the year. Cars rush past. People do not stop. However, for a few days in autumn, this graceful specimen is dressed in a golden coat of leaves and reveals its tender beauty.

There are so many lovely creations in our world that are unnoticed. It is most tragic of all that we may disregard the tender souls in our midst. The busy holiday season is now rushing along and your attention will be scattered here and there. Schedules will be filled with decorating, cooking, and shopping tasks. In a non-attainable, Pinterest world and with a materialistic outlook, it is easy to lose sight of the reason for the season.

In the weeks ahead, will you remember the people usually forgotten and ignored? Do you know people who are hurting this year, who are living alone, who are trying to get by on a day-to-day basis? Are they hidden in plain sight within your community, neighborhood, or circle of acquaintances?

Will you take the blinders off and not miss their beauty? Will you take the time to reach out to them and show them grace?


  1. Beautiful photo, and beautiful, thoughtful post:-)

  2. What a beautiful photo. Excellent message as well.

  3. a lovely view and viewpoint, too.

  4. A beautiful photo, Donna and a loving challenge to your readers to consider those people who need a little extra attention and love. I know you speak from your heart.

  5. Yes, know where you're coming from Donna - and especially hope you will be remembered by the new friends you have made this year. We used to always invite acquaintances from the community for Thanksgiving dinner if they had nowhere to go. Sadly I can no longer cook those huge meals and we now go out for a quiet meal so Bob can get his turkey - and eat the veggies!

  6. Beautiful photo and great reminder of the importance of being aware and attuned to the spirit's leading.

    I know a person or two in this category. I'll be giving some thought to their needs at this time.


  7. A beautiful photo, and message, Donna. It reminds me of long ago days when we were out riding on a Thanksgiving afternoon and came across a little old lady waving us down. Her husband had fallen, and she couldn't help him. My dad went in and helped the dear gentleman back up. When we got home, Mom packed up food and we took it back for them. For several years after, Mom sent food to them every Sunday.

    Love you, and I know the holidays will be difficult. Know that I pray for you.

  8. That is a beautiful photograph with the golden leaves and smooth water. Are you thinking of someone to reach out to? That would be very tender and loving.

  9. The golden tree and flowing river photo is so beautiful and a great example of hidden or forgotten beauty in our world. Thank you for the nudge to think of and do something for someone who is 'forgotten'. Blessings on your day. And I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. Pam

  10. A great reminder Donna...yes, it can sometimes get to be very busy at this time of the is always good to have a reminder that there are people who need loving and caring for especially. I will be thinking of you too this Christmas season. I remember how it was when my husband died just before Christmas, and my Mum on Christmas Eve, It gives one a very different perspective to the season and the people around us.

  11. A beautiful photo and a very good message. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season as well. My family is working Thanksgiving so I will go and get turkey from K&W take out. My son is working Christmas Day. This will be a very simple year for us. May we be thankful for all our blessings. I hope your new friends will include you in some holiday festivities, but I know this time will be difficult for you. xoxo

  12. It's a beautiful shot Donna....It can be a pretty tough time for some people.
    We've all lost someone special but reaching out to others really can make this holiday season,
    the Reason....
    Happy Thanksgiving friend and know you're loved...

  13. Gorgeous photo! Sending hugs and wishes for a good Thanksgiving Day, dear friend. I miss talking to you and I need to step up and stay in touch much more. I think of you often and pray for you. I'm glad you are pursuing your photography again - you inspire me!


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