April 6, 2016

Photo of the Week - Sandstone & Sky

Arches National Park, Utah

There is something downright magical about a southwestern sky that features wispy clouds. Combine the dramatic heavens with rugged geological features made of sandstone, and you automatically get a beautiful composition.

Which do you prefer? The color or black and white version?


  1. I like the color one best because of that beautiful blue sky but the black and white rates a big WOW for it's dramatic look.

  2. I love both versions! The color version makes me want to go on vacation, the B&W version is mystical and haunting, a perfect setting for a thriller or mystery! Both so beautiful!

  3. These are both beautiful versions, Donna! I love the black and white...the shadows and contrasts are stunning...

  4. I think I like the drama of the black and white. It's mysterious, with a hint of something unexpected about to happen.

  5. I like the black and white. Looks ominous! Both are wonderful. I hope you are doing well Donna and so grateful you have your photography to keep you sane and somewhat grounded. xoxoxo


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