June 8, 2016

Photo of the Week - Nubble Light's Rocky Perch

Cape Neddick, York, Maine

From a “down low” and wide-angle perspective, it is not obvious that this iconic lighthouse is located on an island. I chose the composition because it includes some interesting foreground elements and leading lines. Three bracketed exposures were combined in Aurora HDR Pro and further editing was done in Photoshop CC.

Built in 1879, the light got its name from the “nub” of land about 100 yards off of Cape Neddick Point. After automation, the Town of York took over guardianship. It maintains the buildings, including the charming light keeper’s house.


  1. Very pretty. What a view they get from that house too

  2. Womderful perspective...have never seen it look more lovely.

  3. Lovely memories of our time at the Maine coast when we lived in NH and MA in the 60/70's. Cape Neddick and the 'Nubble Light' was always a big favorite (we were there year before last when visiting New England after my MIL died). The view is beautiful and in high Summer the delicate pink wild roses cover the rocky shore.

    Here's my post - http://abreathoffreshair-mary.blogspot.com/2014/08/coastal-maine-usa.html

    I was greatly saddened by the news of Vee's lovely John passing away - I didn't know about it as I was behind with news while in Ireland. I know you will be a pillar of strength for her Donna.

    Hope as all well with you and that this Summer will find you busy with your camera - your photos are always an inspiration to me.
    Hugs, Mary

  4. What a beautiful study you have created here through your fantastic photography and skilled editing. Absolutely stunning, Donna!

  5. Beautiful picture! LOVED the Maine coast when we were there!

  6. Beautiful photo! I love all the bright colors. There is so much color in this photo. You are awesome, Donna xoxox

  7. Love all the bright coloring! Beautiful!


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