July 20, 2016

Photo of the Week - Camera Spot at Doubling Point Lighthouse

Arrowsic, Maine

This little lighthouse stands guard on the Kennebec River. It was established in 1898, 15 years after the founding of the Bath Iron Works, a major shipbuilder located upriver.

My riding buddy on the photography tour is standing on the light’s boardwalk, framing up a shot toward the shoreline and providing a sense of scale. He is also demonstrating that it is worthwhile to turn around from the main subject matter in an area. There could be a great scene behind you too!


  1. Love the beautiful contrast between blue and white!

  2. This is a lovely photo!! I never tire of New England-y scenes, and this one looks so refreshing on this sultry July morning. (I am choosing to disregard the jacket on your riding buddy in order to focus on the refreshment.) :)

    Hope you're staying cool, friend!!

  3. The water is alive! So sparkly and beautiful. It does have a cooling effect on this very warm, muggy July day.


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