January 4, 2017

Photo of the Week - Old Stone Bridge at Elkmont

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

After living in east Tennessee for 36 years and numerous trips to the Smokies, I had never visited the Elkmont area within the park. The oversight was rectified this past October. One of the highlights is an old stone bridge over the Little River near the campground. I will definitely go back to explore the area further!

I failed to post a photo last Wednesday, thanks to a computer software malfunction. All is well now. To make up for my absence, here is a painterly version of the photo too.

I'll let you decide which one you like best!


  1. Thats a gorgeous photo. What a beautiful area. Definitely worth going back to explore

  2. Help! I can not for the life of me see the difference. I am so undiscerning. It's a very pretty place and looks as if it would be a refreshing place on a hot day. Happy New Year, Donna!

  3. Beautiful photo. Stone structures have so much character. Happy New Year, Donna.

  4. . . . . they are so similar, the first being a wee bit sharper and the foreground rocks lighter and more defined, so I think I like that one best. One has to enlarge and use 'lightbox' though to really see the difference.

    Happy New Year dear Donna - hope you are well and will be out and about with your cameras a lot this year. Love to see your photos of nature's beauty.

    Hugs - Mary

  5. What a gorgeous bridge! I love the rough look of the stone in the bridge, so would lean very slightly to the original, but both are so beautiful!

  6. The first one but they're both beautiful. I have so many favorites because everything you share touches me deep in my heart...

  7. You get such awesome pictures of those streams,exposure, composition, everything is perfect.

  8. I love the details of this photo. It's hard for me to tell the difference between the two as I'm looking at this posy on my phone. I'm sitting at the bedside of my dear ninety-three-year-old mother. She's not doing well so we've been here for over a week. Seeing your photos helps me dream of the day when I might see this place for myself!


  9. beautiful pictures of the stone bridge.. I visited Smokey 7 years back...

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