March 1, 2008

Spring Will March Right In

I always enjoy turning over the calendar page to the month of March. The worst of the winter is usually behind us here in Tennessee, and we will see the first signs of spring. The daffodils should start blooming this week, and we will be cheered by bouquets at the breakfast table. Daylight saving time will be next weekend on March 9. More daylight into the evening hours will be a welcomed relief.

Of course, we can’t forget that this is the month of the Irish, with St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in a couple of weeks. We have been fortunate to visit Ireland twice. The views are breathtaking and the people are delightful. What a glorious country! We plan to visit there one more time before we have to settle into our rocking chairs, LOL.

Here is a lovely valley in Ireland that we saw back in 1999 on a road going from Donegal to Dublin.

Irish Valley

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  1. How beautiful!! My Daughter is planning to go there someday..she has always felt close to Ireland. Have a wonderful day sweetie!


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