January 11, 2009

Goodbye to CRTs

farewell to antique televisions!
We are now a CRT-free home! The monstrous TVs with cathode ray tubes are gone. We have been using flat-screen monitors for our computers for several years now, but we have been slow in converting over to flat-screen, digital TVs. We had three old TVs, with the oldest one celebrating its 21st birthday. We bought an LCD TV last year and finally got two more last month.

The big problem we were facing was disposing of these ancient beasts. Our local charities will not accept one that is more than 4 years old. And, disposal in the regular trash is prohibited because the units contain heavy metals. We have been storing our old computers (replaced this time last year) and an old flatbed scanner for the very same reason. So we were happy to hear the news that our county would have an electronics recycling roundup in January.

Yesterday was the day for an event location within 5 miles from our home. There was no fee for the service, but donations were accepted to benefit Goodwill Industries, a local children’s hospital, and a local Optimist Club. It was extremely well organized and there were plenty of workers. All we had to do was drive through the drop-off line and cheerful workers unloaded for us (while we stayed in the truck). To make the task even sweeter, it only took about 20 minutes.

Three cheers to our county and the sponsors, Best Buy and the Optimist Club! We are happy campers!

Update: If you have electronic items that need to be recycled, please contact your county’s solid waste department or check their web site for information. Another online source is EPA's resource list for electronics recycling.


  1. Great news , you helped people and got yourself more space , yay !
    Clare's Craftroom

  2. They had a pick up in our county last month, I found out about it about a week afterwards. Why on earth they didn't post flyers everywhere and/or put a big ad in the local rag is beyond me. I have a closet FULL of old parts.

  3. We have several tv's that all work but just fill up space in our shed.
    Glad you were able to send yours out.
    Decluttering is always a good thing

  4. Thanks, Clare! It was an instant weight loss for the homestead, LOL.

    Brenda, we found out about it by accident. I was checking online, trying to figure out how to recycle the stuff and saw on the county's website that a roundup was coming up. It's been the first one we've know about for about 3 years! It was finally advertised in the local paper just a week beforehand. You might want to call your county or local Best Buy and see when they are going to have one in your area.

  5. That's great you were able to help someone else at the same time! I've got a couple that will have to go also; now you've got me on the right path as to what to do!

    Donna, seriously - you are just the sweetest lady. I'm so glad to know you, and I will tell Patti what you said. I don't know when or if she'll ever go back, but I'm so glad she went this time. Her dad has been ill for a very long time, and each time they think; well, you know. Anyway, thanks again, you're a sweetheart!!

  6. We have a really wonderful landfill site not too far from where I live. It's so huge! They bus kids in on field trips for enviromental "teaching" of how to recycle. I went a couple years ago as a teachers helper with my daughters class helping with a group of 10 kids and was blown away with the place!

    This is it's site: Chicago Grade Landfill. It costs us nothing to take old computers but some things they do charge you for. I feel good knowing we try to do "our" part in recycling! KUDOS to you for disposing properly!

  7. New technology does pose problems for disposal of the outdated...we also have regular drop off places and through our local freecycle we have people who will even pick them up from our house to ensure they do not get placed in the landfills. It's a good thing to be so ecologically minded, our kids' kids will have enough to worry about!

  8. Thanks for that link, Donna. I have two old computers that I would like to unload from my basement. I'll be checking it out!

  9. We have 5 TV's and they all work as good as the newest one does...I saved th link as I know one day we will be needing it! thanks!

  10. Hello my friend. I've tagged you in a little tag today. Come check it out. It'll be fun!

  11. That's great! There are several things that seem to just accumulate like that. I think we have a couple of those big CRT TV's that we are still using. They may become DVD player monitors next month. We have one Digital TV so we won't be completely without TV when they make the switch. Guess I'm hoping they delay it for a while longer. I heard they might.

  12. Great idea Donna! I bet you were glad to be rid of it and glad to help someone else at the same time. Hope you have a great week. It looks like we are going to get the big chill here this week.

  13. Our main tv is still a 19 inch 22 year old Sears CRT that is still going, but getting worse. We considered a flat screen for Christmas, but as we are considering a move this summer, thought we would wait until after then. If the old tv holds out until then!
    Luckily we have a very large recycling center that takes just about everything right in our town, including electronics. No fee. Just drive in the building and put your stuff in the appropriate containers. Quite handy.

  14. We have one old one left and I'll keep it to play DVD's on...
    Hope all is well with ya'll sweetie!hughugs


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