June 15, 2009

Lavender Harvest & A Surprise

pretty lavender wands with polka dot ribbons
The 2009 lavender harvest has begun! I have made a few lavender wands already and plan to do some more. These are great to tuck into clothing drawers or simply to leave out to help freshen a room. I learned how to make these several years ago by studying instructions on the internet. Of course, one of the best sources to check out is Tipnut.

43 lavender bundles, ready to hang and dry
Yesterday, I cut and bundled up fresh lavender for hanging on my wooden drying rack. I am about halfway done with the harvest and plan to finish up this week.

lavender sachets with yo-yo embellishment
One of the best things to do with lavender is to create fragrant sachets. Again, Tipnut is a great resource if you need ideas and instructions. The picture above shows you some of the sachets that I have been making. Remember the colorful fabric yo-yos I showcased in my May 9th post? Now you know where those yo-yos are being put to work!

Ready for the surprise part? I am having a quick giveaway for these three lavender sachets! To enter, please leave a comment on this post by Wednesday, June 17. (Entries outside the U.S. will be accepted. However, only entries from bloggers with active web sites will be eligible.) Marty, my rabbit side-kick and blog greeter, will be selecting the lucky winner on Thursday morning. Good luck!


  1. You are really good drying all that lavender to enjoy!
    I had lots but did'nt harvest any...
    Those little lavender sachest look cute as...Love the yo-yo-s
    So Yep Pop my name in the hat...
    Fingers crossed.

  2. I think I can smell that sweet lavender all the way in North Carolina! You have made some really pretty sachets! I have seen the lavender wands in books but have never tried to make one myself. Lovely!

  3. !!!! You even make Lavender look gorgeous!!!! You just have the "gift"...and you'll do Just fine with the surgery sweetie!!

  4. WooHoo! Sign me up!
    You are very talented and creative. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your nice comments on my blog.

  5. You are so talented! The wands are lovely as are the sachets. I bet they smell delicious too.

  6. Aaahhhh. I love it! ((hugs))

  7. Oh yeah! Those are so cute. I want fresh smelling drawers! LOL.
    Oh and throw some Vanilla in there while you're at it. The sachets will cushion the bottle! Hee! Hee!
    You are so talented my friend.

  8. IS there no end to your talent? These all look so lovely! I love your quotes from B.O. on the sidebar! But, Marty's is the best of ALL OF THEM!

  9. ooooooooooooh! I love the smell of lavender..reminds me of when i was a lil girl rummaging through my grannys chest of drawers. I sure miss her! I just bought me a plant so next yr i hope to have some to harvest. My old plant went with the harsh winter weather..your wands and sachets look so nice!

  10. You have so much talent! I am so amazed at how much you do and so well. And I'd like to be entered in your latest giveaway.

  11. My granny taught me to make lavender wands 40 years ago, and I had forgotten them until I saw your post! So glad to see an old handicraft still being practiced. You sure look like you have a bumper crop of lavender this year!

  12. I'd love to know how to harvest. I just look at the bush, and enjoy.

  13. I could almost smell the lavender just reading your post. I love the wands and sachets. I always wanted to learn to do wands but guess I need to grow some lavender to do that. (putting that on my list) Please enter me.

    Take Care,

  14. I love the smell of lavender! Those littel sachets are so cute!

  15. I love those wands, pillows and the aroma of fresh lavender!


  16. Oh wow that is so cool Donna. I didn't even know you could do that with lavender. This is fun!!

  17. Aww, my Grandma used to make the lavender wands! I would so love to learn how to make them--thanks for the site link!
    I'm entering in, although I have been a wee-bit absent on my blog posts lately. I'm Sorry!!! I don't really have an excuse except that life gets in the way.
    As a matter of fact..a fresh post--just for you :)

  18. Those lavender wands are so clever. I have just planted lavender, so I won't be harvesting any for some time.
    What great ideas you have!

  19. oh how i love lavender!!! i wish i lived closer, so you could pass on some of that creativity, donna....guess i will need to check out that link....we visited the lavender farm on san juan islands a couple of years ago...and even had lavender ice cream!!!! tastes just like it smells.....divine! :-)


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