January 24, 2010

Colonial Williamsbug - Governor's Palace

Do you remember our April trip to Colonial Williamsburg last year? (Yes, yes. You have been patiently waiting for some pictures from this journey. You know how I tend to get sidetracked!) To help shoo away the winter blues, let’s go on a little armchair visit of this historical park and mentally immerse ourselves in some beautiful spring weather!

This is the Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg. It is the grandest structure at the historical site, and located on the northern end of the Palace Green. The Palace has a long and storied history, beginning with its construction period of 16 years. When Williamsburg was the Capital of the Virginia Colony, this was the home of many governors, including Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

The main building was destroyed by a fire in 1791. Surviving outbuildings were demolished during the Civil War. Colonial Williamsburg reconstructed the Palace, opening it up for exhibition in 1934. Extensive furnishing efforts have been underway ever since that time. Further details of the history of the Governor's Palace are available on the Colonial Williamsburg web site.

The highlight of our visit to the Palace was its beautiful garden area. A large collection of sculpted evergreens echo the formality and grandeur of the structure.

And we were lucky in the timing of our visit to see a rainbow of colors from the blooming tulips. There are several benches located in the garden area, and we took advantage of them to rest our legs and enjoy the spectacular views!

Ah! Now, wasn’t that refreshing?


  1. YES! SPRING!! I'm SO ready Already!hahaaa...Great place to visit Donna!

  2. What a beautiful place! I love your photos, Donna, they are just great.

    Hey I gave you the Sunshine Blog Award:

    it has an "out", though.

    xoxo, Jackie

  3. Those great round gigantic shrubs...yes, my vocabulary is something...are amazing! I would love to visit this place. And, what a great job of photography, too, I might add.

  4. very nice!! I sure am ready for Spring and the tour was great...what a lovely home and gardens...youir pictures are very good Donna!

  5. Gosh! I haven't been there since high school! I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane! Thanks!! Have a great week!

  6. Oh my gosh....isn't that such a beautiful "home".....and those gardens? Delish!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Warm hugs,

  7. Love the tour!!!! I can't wait to see the tulips in bloom!!!!! xxxRobby

  8. Oh, very lovely indeed! Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  9. gawgeous !!! they really don't make em like they used to huh?
    my favorite and my dream home is one of those old plantation homes with the giant wrap around porches. ahhhhh.
    (with central air-- of course :))


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