November 2, 2010

November – A Look Ahead

November 2010 blog post picture

Another month has past and the year is almost done! Our two big vacations, planned way back in January, are now sweet memories. It is time to settle down and get ready for the winter season. Last November, we were frantically packing up, moving into a rental home, and selling our rambling country cottage. My-oh-my, what a difference our life is now!

The workload of my part-time job since mid-summer has now trickled down to a level where it truly earns the “part-time” tagline. I’ve decided to keep plugging away at it now that I have some semblance of my old retirement life back. Free time has arrived none too soon. I have some sewing projects that I wish to tackle this month, and goodness knows that there are thousands of vacation photos that beg for my attention as well. I also plan to go through some more photography tutorials and keep on the path of learning more about digital imaging.

A few appointments have rolled around on the calendar’s horizon. A dental cleaning and annual eye exam are scheduled. So my noggin is getting a little special attention! I’m happy to report that my bronchitis is essentially over. As most folks predicted, this particular cootie strain lasted three (very long) weeks. I had periods of coughing fits on our trip, but they were mostly confined to nighttime hours. Thank you for your prayers and concern!

The punch list for our home is getting whittled down to almost nothing. Builder Mike got a huge amount of work done in October. The sheetrock patching and touchups were the most disruptive, with pesky dust creating extra cleanup work for us. We now have pictures hung in every room except my computer office! Thankfully, the interior looked presentable when Miz Jenny came to visit. The concrete replacements were completed, and the new sidewalk and driveway are vast improvements. The yard was tidied up last week, and now we are waiting for grass seed to germinate and fill in the bare lawn areas.

For the blog, you can expect to see more of my vacation pictures this month! I have a series of six lovely eagle images that I managed to capture on our British Columbia trip. (Lady Luck was definitely with me on these shots.) And while you are waiting for polar bear photos, I’ll be treating you to some more grizzly bear poses. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I am as slow as molasses when it comes to processing my digital work. And you also know that you will be rewarded for your patience!

I also plan to catch up with my blogging friends as time permits. It seems like I was gone much longer than a week!


  1. We anxiously await your fabulous photos. And good news on the bronchitis, it is a pesky cough isn't it.

  2. So glad you're feeling better sweetie!! And I can't wait for the eagle shots! I know they'll be beautiful!!
    Get some rest!

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Your photos are always worth the wait.

  4. Donna, pace yourself now. Have you already begun to plan a vacation or two in 2011? Seems as if the next place you two would enjoy might be Hawaii. Something tropical. ;>

  5. That place was more than presentable when I visited! It was downright gawjus! And yes, it seemed an age you were gone! I'll bet Marty wanted some extra attention from you'uns before he settled back down to ruling the roost. Yay Marty! Yay polar bears! Yay grizzly bears!

  6. Nice to see you are settling in and can't wait to see the pictures which we already know will be wonderful!

  7. Glad everything is settling into place. And especially glad that your bronchitis is essentially over.

  8. All sounds good.
    I will have to get My Son to peek at your eagle shots they are his Favourite birds.
    The wedge tailed eagles that cruise around our prperty are a thrill for him.


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