April 17, 2012

Post from the Official Blog Greeter!

Hey, gals and guys! It’s Marty here! Donna forgot to turn off the computer, so I hopped up in her chair and figured out how to do a blog post. Hee-hee! Won't she be surprised when she gets back from her trip? It serves her right for leaving me alone for so long! 

I was planning on taking some pictures for you, but she took the camera equipment. It's probably just as well. You might not be very interested in photos of carrots. 

I know that you're probably missing her right now. So I thought of a special surprise that will either delight you or else put you to sleep - a Flickriver slideshow! It includes all of Donna's special photos that she has loaded on her Flickr account in the past two years. 

So grab a tasty beverage and a snack, settle in for a while, and click the tiled image below!

Cottage Days - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver


  1. Marty thanks for posting Donna's favorite pictures. I love them!!
    Hug her when she gets back for me.

  2. marty, your mom has a very impressive portfolio. really enjoyed seeing a large part of it!

  3. If Donna checks in, would you tell her to keep having fun! Well done, Marty. You can post any day.

  4. Thanks Sweet Marty!! Hope Mommy & Daddy are having fun!!
    You Know I couldn't pick a favorite photo...Loving the Bears but they are ALL so beautiful!

  5. Thanks Marty, I was missing seeing all of Donna's wonderful photos. I'm so glad she left the computer on for you.

  6. "Marty", tell Donna she's an amazing photographer. I could look at her pics all day. What an inspiration she is. I can't wait to see the next round when she gets back.

  7. Marty...I think it's time to HIDE! They may turn the computer on at any time...this is a WARNING! You KNOW we would NEVER tell on YOU! Tiny hugs...now HIDE!

  8. Marty, I looked at half of those pictures with intense delight. But now my coffee and toast are gone and I'm going to have to move on. Thanks for a MOST interesting and spectacularly inspiring post! Tell Donna I said she should give you the keys to the kingdom more often!


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