April 11, 2012

Road Trip Boogie

1954 Packard, Patrician model, hood ornament
Classical Gas Museum
Embudo, New Mexico 

Gather ‘round the menfolk and have them take a gander of this beautiful hood ornament. Is that sweet or what? They sure don’t make doodads like that anymore to adorn our vehicles!

We’ve headed out for our little jaunt to Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. As usual, Marty is in charge of the blog during my absence. Let’s hope that the little furball behaves! I’ll catch up with everyone when we get back.


  1. ooh. that is a BEAUTY!!! enjoy your roadtripping! :)

  2. Have fun and, oh, yes, John loves that hood ornament. He would!

  3. Love that hood ornament! Definitely will have to remember to show my husband. Have a safe and wonderful trip! I'll be gone for a bit too. Catch you later.

  4. Great hood ornament. Enjoy your trip, can't wait to see what you bring back

  5. Yes. The good old days...have a wonderful time!

  6. This is a SUPER cool shot Donna! Love the edits!!!
    Say Hi to Joan for me...I know you'll enjoy your trip!! BE SAFE!

  7. Say hi to Joan for me too!! I'm so jealous! But, seriously have a wonderful trip; give your mom a big hug for me.

    Be safe, and hurry back so we can hear all about the trip! :)

  8. Kewl Hood Ornament! Y'all have a great time on your trip!


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