October 27, 2012

Late October Ruminations and Cognitations

As you can see, the deer block we put out in September has been found by the resident deer population! A few days ago, we were surprised to count five deer in our backyard at one time. A momma deer and her two youngsters regularly visit. The shade back there hampers good picture-taking conditions. But I was able to capture this image of a nibble-in-progress. It’s been quite a treat for us to glance up from the kitchen table and routinely see these beautiful creatures.

My home office chair is broken. It is now permanently stuck in the fully raised position, which is way too tall for my short stature. It had started to gently creep down during use the past couple of weeks. It’s quite a disconcerting feeling, to know that one is shrinking down, a couple of millimeters at a time. It’s been a very comfortable chair until this latest mishap. Though it’s only a year and a half old, it looks like I need to go buy another one. Fiddlesticks.

We went shopping to Kohl’s last week to pick up some more rolls of vacuum sealing bags. Their Christmas decorations are up. Already! There ought to be a law against that sort of thing.

We recently bought a big supply of dried cranberries, blueberries, and cherries, hence the need for the vacuum sealing bags. Our merchant of choice is Traverse Bay Fruit Company. We just call them up and order 10 pound boxes of each. (It’s much more economical than grocery store prices.) Dried berries are a welcomed addition to our granola and oatmeal. It’s also good to have the fruit on hand for holiday baking.

We made a day trip over to Fall Creek Falls State Park this past Thursday. The colors were a bit past their peak, but we still had a lovely time. I hadn’t been there in over 35 years!

Earlier in the month, we visited Fort Loudoun State Park for the very first time. We didn’t even know this little gem of a park existed until recently, and it’s located less than 40 miles from us. We timed our visit for a “garrison weekend,” so that we could see living history re-enactors. Though it was a rainy day, we had a great visit. We plan to go back again for their 18th century Christmas celebration!

It’s the 75th anniversary of Tennessee State Parks. We both like to collect embroidered patches from our travel destinations, and their commemorative patch has now been added to the stockpile.

Every time I look out to the back yard, the leaves are fluttering down like rain. So far, the weekly mowing crew has been mulching them up. But the mowing service season is going to quit soon. We might have to break down and buy a blower. But we’d prefer that a good gust of wind take care of it all!

We got our Halloween candy handy for next week. I confess that we’re not big fans of the holiday. I’ve never understood the whole notion of dressing up in costumes and begging for candy from strangers. And now folks have big Halloween parties and decorations all over their yard. Call me a spoilsport, but I just don’t see the appeal.

Speaking of food, our cottage now smells like bacon! Isn’t it the most irresistible aroma? Perhaps some enterprising soul should invent a fragrance line that features the scent. Mister Jim has made up a big batch of coleslaw chicken salad for dinner tonight. Yum!

We have overcast skies today and a cool front has settled in. I think my sandals won’t be worn anymore this year. And flannel sheets are probably coming out of the linen closet and going on the bed tomorrow!

Two tasks on our to-do list for this month are checked off as completed.  First, we got our yearly flu shots.  Second, we voted early.  Though it was the middle of the week, there was a long line.  And twice as many machines than usual were in use.  The busy crowd was a good sign!

I hope all is well with you in your corner of the world.


  1. the deer are enjoying your mineral block, for sure! i like that cliff with all the fall trees around it. so pretty. more color than we get here, for certain.

    good luck with that leaf-blowing wind!

  2. I've already done the voting early thing also. I didn't do it in 2008 and I went down at six and finally got to vote about 8:30. I'm not standing in line to do that anymore. And also the flu shot. We're in sync! Loved the photo of autumn there.

  3. Yes, I've heard about those long lines from other bloggers. Sounds good.

    Wonderful photos of your little B and B guest. Pretty cute!

    Oh, I just baked a chicken today and have plenty to make up that coleslaw chicken salad...sounds yummy. No ink to print of printable recipe so I'll be back to copy the old-fashioned way.

    Hope that you get a nice comfy chair that lasts a little longer this time.

  4. Funny but I rarely see the deer in the neighborhood. I know they are there. The gobble up the petunia's right alonside the rabbits. I rarely see them. Just their footprints in the snow. I think bacon and popcorn both smell better than they taste. I'm going for eau de pot roast for Sunday!

  5. Beautiful shot of the deer. That would be nice being able to watch them in your back yard. Afraid it won't happen where I live.
    Fort Loudoun State Park sounds like a place I would enjoy visiting.

  6. Love seeing the deer! I know you enjoy it, but also does this keep them from eating your shrubs? I know so many people here have had a terrible time.

    I had to smile about your chair. It reminded me that when I wrote the book, I had typed the whole thing sitting in a straight back kitchen chair. Afterwards (too late of course) my "then" son in law brought me a computer chair he had all along. :)

    Glad y'all are able to make day trips. And, yeah it was a cool walk here this morning, but refreshing as well.


  7. What a lovely, chatty post, full of the happenings of your day.

    Around here, beef stew is filling the house with a warm aroma, rain is falling incessantly outside, and I'm so thankful for a warm, dry home.

  8. I would love to see deer in my backyard! The state park pics are beautiful! I'm with you on the Halloween stuff. I have to confess that we don't even pass out candy any more. They ring the doorbell and it freaks out the cats plus we sit in the family room at the back of the house and it's just too much of a nuisance for this lazy person! Have a good week buddy!

  9. Just printed Jim's coleslaw recipe looking forward to trying it out!

  10. I love the smell of bacon...but when I go to Florida to see my brother, he cooks his on a grill outside so that his house doesn't retain the aroma all day. His neighbors must periodically wake up craving bacon and eggs and wonder why!! hehehe

    We never "did" Halloween when my daughter was small. We just sort of skipped over it and did "fall" things. I'm with you on the whole concept, but I was in an area last week with huge yard decorations and lights and the whole deal...on nearly every house on the street! Yikes!

  11. The photos of the leaves is so pretty! The high winds have blown all the leaves off the trees here. I am keeping all the folks on the East Coast in my prayers for safety in the storm.

  12. That is neat that you put out food for the deer. We don't do that --but they seem to dig in our compost pile for 'free' food... ha

    Great photo.

  13. I love this post...just full of newsy news! (and, as always, stunning photos!)

  14. Just sitting here at work wishing I could go out and pet that deer! Love the photos!
    Wait a second...Obummer is speaking about Sandy...let me turn the TV OFF...Now then!Hahaaa...
    Sorry about that chair! Need to go shopping. And I'm tripping over to the fruit company and taking a gander at the products!
    Stay safe friend!

  15. Love the photo of the deer! I'm with you on thoughts of Halloween, my friend. I've been eyeing the flannel sheets in the linen closet and thinking it's about time to put them on the beds. It's definitely that time of year!

  16. I would be SO thrilled to look out and see deer in my yard! I don't think I'd ever tire of it. Beautiful photo!... Donna


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