January 13, 2013

Life is Better with a Kindle

The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
~ Dr. Seuss ~

Confession time: I just ordered the new Kindle Paperwhite. This will be my third Kindle. Mister Jim gave me the first one a couple of birthdays ago. I was smitten from the very beginning (with Mister Jim and the Kindle). After about a year, I bought myself an improved version, and he took over the original one. He quickly got hooked on the electronic book format too.

Amazon came out with the Paperwhite model a few months ago, and my girlfriend got one for Christmas. As soon as we held it in our hands and saw the screen, we knew we were goners. Resistance was futile!

Mister Jim was the first one to place an order, and his new reader arrived last Wednesday. After getting it set up for him, my defenses further weakened. I saw a vast difference between the brilliant contrast on the Paperwhite screen to my old yellow, dingy screen. After 3 days, I folded and ordered one for myself. It’s now winging its way to me from an Indiana warehouse!

Ever since the first Kindle, I’ve been a voracious reader. I adore the convenience of obtaining new books within seconds. Such little devices are very comfortable to hold in my arthritic hands. And I wouldn’t dream of taking a trip without my Kindle! The biggest downside is the cost of electronic books. You would think that they are significantly less expensive than paper books, but that is not the case.

Fortunately, Amazon has set up an extensive network with public libraries for borrowing electronic books. You can read about it HERE and investigate whether your library system participates. The books are delivered to your Kindle via a linked digital service called Overdrive. Our local library has been carrying electronic books since February 2011 and started out with only 4100 titles. But the title availability and interface controls are improving all the time!

Amazon also has free electronic books available on a regular basis. I regularly check the  Pixel of Ink web site to keep up with their latest offerings.

If you haven’t gotten on the electronic book bandwagon before this, it’s a great time to start. You won’t regret it!


  1. Well, as you know, we're still learning. I have yet to purchase a book for the reason you mention. I think the prices are outrageous! And I'm not interested in any classics. No Jane Austen for me thank you very much. So it is intriguing for me to learn that there may be libraries and such services for Kindle and iPAd owners. Don't show us the Paperwhite too closely. We can't afford to get spoilt. LOL!

  2. congrats to you both on getting newer models! glad you enjoy them.

  3. I've often wondered about the cost of books to read with the kindle. It's nice to know about the libraries. That's pretty cool! :)

  4. Me thinks you LIKE your Kindle!!!!!!! Do you???? ha ha.... I'm not much of a reader --so have no interest in one, but I do have a fabulous new Genealogy program which I am really enjoying --especially on all of these horribly rainy, dreary days...

    Congrats on the new one.

  5. I have an e reader, ant the cost of books I find outrageous. I do the library thing too, but you see, I combine my physical activity with my trips for books, so if I stick to e books, I'll get fatter and fatter. Oh well, it's always good to have a few extra pounds on in winter. But so glad you are enjoying yours.

  6. I love Pixel of Ink. I've got more books downloaded than I'll ever read. I got a fire last Christmas. Oh, so hooked. I feel lost if I don't have it with me.

  7. I don't have a Kindle. I've kind of been on the fence about getting one. I do have a Kindle program on my lap top and also on my iPhone that I have used occasionally. The phone Kindle is a little too small, though! I also recommend Goodreads if you haven't already joined. The have free ebooks, too!

  8. PaperWhite? Is it mostly just for reading? I love my IPad...I have my Kindle Reader on it along with IBooks Library...ICloud sends everything to all my Apple products...
    Ain't it fun?

  9. I too read a lot more since I got Kindle for IPad and am seriously thinking of the Paperwhite. The shiny screen on the IPad makes it impossible to read outside on a sunny day. I am sure that borrowing will be the wave of the future for this medium. I have tons of books I bought in my electronic library that I will never read again.

  10. My daughter has the new Kindle paperwhite too. Drooling over it!!! For me the best thing is the paperwhite issue and also line spacing. I love the fact that I could adjust line spacing to my liking! Enjoy your new Kindle. :-)
    I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop in at Cranberry Morning!

  11. I love my Kindle! I am interested now in finding out what this new paperwhite version is. I have the original basic Kindle, and take it with me where I go. I love it!

    All the old classics are free - my favorite is Basket of Flowers by Unknown. Also Pride & Prejudice and all of those books - free.

  12. Oh, dear me! As much as I would LOVE a Kindle...and I would truly LOVE one....I must save for my laptop. So it is the library for me for a long time to come. I am thinking, tho, the Kindle would be ever so much easier to read whilst in bed...am I right???

  13. I just got my hubs a nook for Christmas...we are still finding out what we can read...gadgets are so nice

  14. We only pas this way but once.. Enjoy your new Kindle.
    I have the original Kindle Fire and love it.


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