December 1, 2013

December - A Look Ahead

We’re looking forward to things settling down for us this month. November was quite busy. Medical appointments were on our calendar every weekday except for Thanksgiving. Mr. Jim has now completed 23 of 28 radiation treatments. He will finish up this coming Friday. He’s got a follow-up visit with the surgeon’s office this month, and then he is footloose and fancy-free for the rest of December! The last chemo treatment was in mid-November, and the medicine is out of his system now, greatly benefiting his appetite. He’s done very well during the post-surgical treatment with a minimum of side effects. I’m very proud of his tenacity and good humor throughout the whole ordeal. The next step will be a CAT scan and follow-up visit with his chemo doctor in mid-January.

A wintery treat of snow arrived early last week. It only lasted a couple of hours, but it was pretty enough for me to walk down the block and take a photo of a nearby row of cedar trees. We’d love for our area to get a few snowstorms this year, as long as they are the friendly type with no power outages!

We decided to get a jump on Christmas decorations this year. And we ended up keeping it simple, with a few displays throughout the cottage and only tabletop trees. So, once again, we opted to not to put up a big tree with lights. It sure does save us a lot of trouble and effort getting Christmas boxes down the stairs from the second floor storage room.

We’re enjoying the decorations early because we’ve scheduled a little trip during Christmas season! With our schedule now free and blessings from the doctors, we’re taking a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina, and Asheville, North Carolina. It’s time for a reward, don’t you think? We’ve been to Charleston before, but it was long before we had digital cameras. It will be grand to see the old architecture again and try out some of the latest restaurants. We’ll be staying at the famous Two Meeting Street Inn, located near the Charleston Battery in the old city. In Asheville, we’ll be staying at the elegant Inn on Biltmore Estate and dining there on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Our travel year didn’t turn out the way we originally planned, but we’re determined to close out 2013 in style.

The monthly photo challenge will be in two weeks on December 14th. The theme is “Let There Be Light.” If you are interested in joining the challenge this month, please check out the background information HERE.

Last but not least, there is a BIG occasion happening this month. In just a few more posts, I will celebrate my 1000th post! I will have a little giveaway of photo calendars and note cards. So stay tuned for that.

I hope that everyone has a spectacular month, filled with the magic of Christmas!


  1. Donna, you both must be SO relieved to be almost finished with Mr. Jim's treatments. That's wonderful. Now you can relax and enjoy the holiday season. I hope you enjoy a peaceful and cozy time at your cottage, and a wonderful trip to the Carolinas. Christmas at Biltmore- how lovely. Can't wait to see the photos!

  2. glad to hear you'll get a bit of a break from the medical appts! how wearing that must have been for both of you!

  3. So glad to hear that your sweet Baboo is coming back to himself. Do enjoy your little adventure. A light dusting of snow? We've had several, I went out a bought bigger/warmer boots it looks like it's going to be a long cold one.

  4. I know you'll both be so glad to get away, and thankfully when the treatments
    are finished for Jim, he'll be good and healthy. I pray so!

    Very close to l000 on my blog also; actually when combined with the first one I
    had for several years; probably real HIGH in the numbers. Sometimes, I can hardly
    believe how many actual years I've been blogging. Since 2002, if I remember correctly.
    The many people I've met have been such blessings in my life including you dear friend.
    I'm not as faithful about it as in "years of yore". :) So many have stopped entirely and
    many use FB.

    Well, I'll close this recitation now. LOL

  5. Donna
    Your travel plans sound wonderful! I know you'll have a good time and you definitely deserve this get-away.
    I'm glad Jim is nearing the end of his treatments and already gaining back his appetite.
    You both remain in our prayers.

  6. Footloose and fancy free sounds so good! And Christmas at the Biltmore? Oh my! Oh the pictures we are going to see!

  7. So glad you will be freed up from the medical drama for a while and get away.
    That kind of thing pretty much consumes your life. A break will be good.
    I'll bet Charleston is really interesting this time of year. I was there once in the summer and almost died from the heat and humidity.

  8. How wonderful that the month of December will be a slower pace for the two of you. Certainly makes for a nice Christmas gift :) I'm glad to hear that Mr Jim is doing so well.

  9. Such great news about the end of the treatments, the perfect Christmas gift. What a magical time of the year to be travelling and seeing the Biltmore estate. I was there years ago, but always think about going back.

  10. I'm glad things have progressed and Jim is getting a break from treatments soon. You'll be really finishing the year in style at the Biltmore In. It's fabulous. We spent Thanksgiving there a few years ago and everything was spectacular. Christmas is my favorite time to tour the many beautiful decorations. You have a lot to look forward to this month! Sweet hugs, Diane PS I'm working on my challenge already!

  11. I am so glad that your Sweetie has done so well. I have another blog friend whose hubby has gone through outpatient chem this past month --and has had TONS of side effects.. SO--you all are lucky!!!! I'm so happy for you..

    AND--I am very jealous that you are spending Christmas at the Inn at Biltmore... How marvelous is that ---and you all are SO deserving.... Charleston will be great also... WOW!!!!! Love it.

    Speaking of Biltmore, we'll be there tomorrow. We hope to see the lights at night there --which we have not seen....


  12. How wonderful that Jim's treatments are winding down this week and you are celebrating with a trip to the east coast. We spent a day in Charleston 3 years ago and Loved it. We said if we ever went back to South Carolina we'd stay around Charleston and spend more time there. I hope all goes well and you both enjoy a much deserved vacation. Blessings to you! Pam

  13. You've been through so much in what seems like a short amount of time--but not to you two I am sure. Have a good time for the rest of the month!

  14. Donna, I'm so glad to hear that Mr. Jim's treatments are nearly ended. Enjoy your trip. We were in Charleston quite a few years ago and loved the architecture and warm southern hospitality.

  15. First of all, it's great news about Jim's treatment visits being almost Over! Wonderful!!
    Second...LOVE your background! It's beautiful in here Girl!!
    Third...Wonderful that you and Jim will be taking a little get-a-way trip....That's a beautiful area if I remember correctly....
    Looking forward to the challenge...Now I just need to find me some light...Hahaaa

  16. Donna, you and Jim well deserve, and have earned some Happy time away. I'm glad Jim's treatments are coming to an end, he is a trooper as are you.
    You're upcoming journey sounds wonderful, I know you both will enjoy it, and reveal in the beauty of the Christmas sights and sounds.
    Bless you both.. be well, be happy :)

  17. Note.. I love your new look, especially your lovely header :)

  18. How exciting to know that this week ends the series of radiation treatments! I am sure that it has seemed nearly endless at times. You two are troopers! I am happy to hear that you are going to have some fun in your future. Your December plans sound delightful!!

  19. So great for you both that December will bring some change in your recent traumatic activities. It sounds wonderful, Donna!


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