January 26, 2014

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2013

My various web statistics tools show that this site regularly receives a couple hundred visits per day. (Amazing!) In addition to regular readers, web traffic predominately comes from Google searches and Pinterest. It is interesting to see which blog posts resonate the most with my readers. And, I have to confess that what I think is very interesting doesn’t necessarily correspond to what the majority of my blog readers find interesting. Case in point, below is a list of the most popular posts in 2013. 

The most popular one was the October 6 post that answered personal questions posed by Irene, a blogging friend. The ranking was determined by a huge landslide - almost double the visits for the number two post. Really, folks? Really? I am flattered, bemused, and puzzled, all at the same time. I don’t understand how a mini-biography was worthy of an internet buzz. So I will assume that the little hummingbird photo stole the show in this case.

The second most popular post was about my stitched fabric hearts and new hallway table. Traffic from Pinterest largely drove the statistics for this January 26 entry, receiving favor from both decorating and crafting audiences.

The third-ranking post was the October 14 write-up that showed the completion of the house construction across the street. Clearly, many folks are interested in seeing new houses!

The fourth most popular was a February 8 post that featured our dining room. The table and chairs set was replaced the following month. Pinterest decorating fans predominately pushed the web traffic for this one.

And the fifth-ranking post was my July 14 report of the Alaskan brown bear cams at Brooks Falls in Alaska. I know that the provided web links were a great source of amusement for many of my blogging friends. Live cam footage of these magical creatures is not available right now, but there are plenty of other videos and live feeds available at explore.org to keep you entertained for hours and hours.

So there you have it, my five most popular blog posts of 2013!


  1. It's fun to look back at the year and see the most popular posts. I love your pretty hearts and nature photography. Have a good evening! Stay warm in this next batch of cold! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. definitely some searching folks out there. but, yes, that hummer would steal ANY show!!

  3. That hummingbird would cause quite a buzz :)))

  4. honestly I can see why people would be interested in any one of these but my post with the highest all time views is probably one of the dumbest posts I've ever written....lol

  5. It is interesting to see these results. I checked mine out too and was totally surprised! I love the hummingbird photo.

  6. I always love your posts no matter the subject, and these were really exceptional.

    After mentioning stats on one of my latest ramblings, I went back and checked the validity of the couple in question, I was amazed to find only one or two that came from unknown sources. It tells me one of two things, I need to either stop blogging, or stop worrying about the many stalkers. :)


  7. Isn't it amazing which posts seem to soar? One can never predict. At least I can't!

  8. What a great idea to do a mini retrospective! I am currently going through a hemming and hawing mode with my new blog. Being so eclectic and thus not having one particular focus that drives my blog I am kind of feeling lost... does one really need a focus for their blog, aside from creativity? Hmmm, must do some thinking on this one. Anyway, in the past I have written posts that I was sure would get a lot of interest and they flopped! Things that were more informational seemed to do much better. Remember the logging episode last fall here at my house? Lots of interest! Go figure?! I think I'll pop over to my old blog and check out some stats... thanks for the thought! :D
    Hugs my sweet blogging sister!
    Beth P

  9. Very interesting... You 'made' me check mine... My top five in 2013:
    -Are you an Introvert or Extrovert? 1172
    -Sounds--The Good Ones and the Bad Ones 749
    -Genealogy Trip for me (Virginia this past Fall) 548
    -Positives and Negatives in our Lives 494
    -Sunflowers Galore 414
    The top two highest comments:
    -Roses in our Yard- 89 comments
    -Postivies and Negatives in our Lives - 81 comments

    Interesting because it seems that the blog posts I do about Life's questions/thoughts always seem to get more views and comments.. Guess people are more interested in life in general --looking for solutions and ideas, rather than in things I love (like my birds, my travel, beautiful photos, etc).... Quite interesting, isn't it?

    Thanks for giving me this suggestion.

  10. I loved them All!! And thanks for re-posting the link....I spent a little time on a beach in Hawaii...the polar bears are migrating....


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