May 10, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Colorful

It’s time for A Personal Photo Challenge! “Colorful” is the theme this month. I had the best of intentions of taking some new images for this challenge, but the task couldn't get worked into my schedule. So I dipped into my photo archives from our relaxing trip to Charleston, South Carolina, the week before Christmas.

A Personal Photo Challenge

My blogging friends and routine followers know that I have very limited time these days to devote to hobbies and social media. At the moment, I am the caregiver for my husband, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past year. The disease has been very unkind the past two months. I will get around to visit with the other photo challenge participants as best as I can and fulfill my challenge hostess duties. It may take a while, so please be patient with me. I wasn’t even sure I could participate in my own challenge this month. But I managed to pull together some images and this post. Whew!

I modified my post-processing techniques after I had cataract surgery last year. Now, I purposely strive to improve white balance, color clarity, and vibrancy. All of these goals came in to play during the digital editing of this window box scene. The details and contrast were bumped up to highlight the texture of the red shutters and the antique glass in the window. I would normally use a polarizing filter on a lens to minimize reflective glare. But in this case, I wanted to emphasize the wavy, hand-rolled glass as part of the composition.

French-style window box
f/13,1/60 second, ISO 320

The street scene below looks like it was captured in a European city. But astute fans of Southern character should recognize the classic Charleston Battery Bench. (We bought a bench during our first trip to Charleston, way back in the 1980s, and it has faithfully served us well over the years.) In post-processing I enhanced the image detail to give the photo an old-world feel and also allow the colorful paint hues to sing.

colorful homes along East Bay Street
f/14, 1/160 second, ISO 320

When one thinks of Charleston, you can’t help but be reminded of iconic Rainbow Row, a series of historic houses noted for their cheerful colors. The buildings are located on East Bay Street, between Tradd and Elliot Streets. It’s an impossible task to photograph the buildings without including a multitude of vehicles and pedestrians. So this image’s composition is limited to the upper part of two buildings, showcasing the contrasting colors.

along Rainbow Row
f/10, 1/800 second, ISO 320

I hope you will visit A Personal Photo Challenge blog and check out the creative efforts of other participants too!


  1. Oh, your Charleston pictures provide a wonderful array of color!
    I am in totally in love with that red-shuttered the red, love the window box, love the flowers, love the airy white curtain, love the iron grill. Love!
    Charleston is a colorful place! What a blessing that you and Mr. Jim were able to spend this relaxing week together at Christmas time.

    There are no expectations this month, dear Donna! You are doing the best thing you can do in caring for Mr. Jim. Please don't worry about commenting...I feel like I have learned just by participating in the challenge, by reading the informative links you provided, and by looking through new eyes. I continue to pray for dear husband and for you.

  2. I'm a little new to your challenge and didn't realize the real at home challenges that you are in the midst of. So sorry to hear about the rough couple months your husband has had with his cancer.
    May God give you the strength you need to carry on.
    Your colorful shots are beautiful. I'm in North Carolina right now helping my daughter get settled for her husband's homecoming from Afghanistan. It would have been fun to zip down to Charleston while she was living here but alas it's not going to happen. Thanks for the photo challenges and ideas and tips!

  3. These are great colorful shots from your Charleston visit Donna - it's one of my favorite southern cities, so vibrant and yet still old-fashioned and mannerly for the most part. "Y'all come back now, you hear!".
    Especially love the second pic - were you up early to capture the street without any pedestrians? It's so pretty.
    The challenge was fun this month - I had a hard time picking photos though, as mentioned those Asian countries are awash in amazing color.

    Hope this week has gone better for dear Mr. Jim - tell him I sent a hug, and of course one for you too.
    Mary xx

  4. So glad that you found a moment or two to play. As Cheryl has said so well, we expect nothing at all knowing that you are very busy doing the work of caregiving. My favorite...the one that takes my breath the first. It's glorious.

  5. I love your photos, especially the window one. The colours are so brilliant! Thank you for hosting and taking the time to do so Donna. I know you are stretched to the limit right now. God bless you and Mr. Jim. Hugs. Pam

  6. I love these, all of them. Keep well my friend and give Mr. Jim a virtual hug for me.

  7. They are all so pretty and colorful! My favorite is the first photo. I keep going back up to take another look at it... beautiful!!

  8. Amei todas! Você captou muito bem a alma de Charleston. Não conheço o lugar mas eu o vi perfeitamente através das suas fotos.
    Desejo a você e ao Sr.Jim muita serenidade para atravessar este período de doença. Deus esteja com vocês!
    Um abraço!
    Loved them all! You captured very well the soul of Charleston. I know the place but I saw perfectly through their photos.
    I wish you and Mr. Jim great composure to get through this period of illness. God be with yours!

  9. What beautiful colours you've captured, Donna.
    I noticed even a lavender home front in photo#2-so pretty!
    I'm thinking of you and Mr. Jim every day and for the Lord to supply the strength that you need at this time.

  10. You colors are rich and vibrant. We are all happy to have this challenge and don't expect you to visit each of us right now. Take care of yourself and your sweet hubby. We are praying for you both. God bless you. Your friend, Diane

  11. just marvelous, donna! love them all, but the first is special.

  12. All three of your photos are exceptional. as always. The first one is so vibrant and perfectly composed, but I like the others equally well - I have to visit Charleston!! I agree with the others- you have your hands full and we won't be the least bit hurt if you do not visit and comment. Mr. Jim's care is much more important! Hugs to you both! God bless!

  13. Gorgeous! Love these, Donna. You keep enticing me to visit there. :)

    Love and prayers for you and Jim.

  14. As always Donna, your photos are stunning! I love the textures you brought out in the first one.
    God bless both you and Mr. Jim.

  15. Oh my Donna! Your pictures are always so gorgeous!!! I'm thankful that you find time at all to share them with us! You and your hubby are in my thoughts as always!

  16. Lovely photos- warm thoughts to you and your husband.

  17. You are the third blogger to post about Charleston, SC this week and I would really like to visit now. I like the colours of shutters, doors and trim on the houses, I'd fit right in there.
    You did well to host this month dear lady, don't worry about visiting us, we're carrying on, on your behalf.
    Every night I say a little prayer for you and Jim, I hope you can feel the power of prayer I'm projecting.

  18. I love them all but that first one is my favorite. You can almost feel the texture in the shutters.

  19. All three are wonderful examples for me to aspire to Donna.
    The red of the shutters is a sharp contrast to the old stonework below.
    It is charming and I know the person who planted that lovely window box took great care with their choice of plants and how they arranged them - they have a great eye for color.
    I shall remember it when I replant my pots again for Spring!!
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my post.
    Take care and love to you both.
    Shane x

  20. These are stunning photos, Donna, and I especially love the first one with the vibrant color and texture in the wooden shutters and box. Charleston is such a beautiful, gracious city. I have a watercolor print that I bought on one of our trips there years ago. Rainbow Row with the pink and blue colored houses is such a pretty place.
    Thank you for hosting this challenge, Donna. I know that you are undergoing a difficult time and you and Mr. Jim are often in my prayers.

  21. Your photos are gorgeous - as always! They make me stop and study the details and wish I could be right there in the center of each one. Your words are always a welcome gift but not expected. Each time you share is a special treat to my soul!

  22. Thank you for hosting this challenge, Donna! This is my first time joining in.. Wishing you a happy Mother's Day and week ahead!

  23. Donna, lovely and colorful images..I love the pretty windowbox and the colorful homes..The shutters are wonderful. Thanks for hosting.. Wishing you a HAPPY Mother's day and week ahead!

  24. I love Rainbow Row in Charleston ---so of course, it makes for some 'colorful' photos!!!!!

    Happy Mother's Day.


  25. That is such an interesting take on Rainbow Row! Love it! And all your Charleston photos, so beautiful. The second one is stunning, and even though I have one of those benches in our yard I had no idea it was called a Charleston Battery Bench! Thanks again for hosting a fun challenge. I didn't know about your husband and am so sorry to hear what you are dealing with. May you have great strength for each day.

  26. Wow ..and whew, indeed Donna. You are amazing!
    As usual superb photos and you managed to visit my humble very late offerings and link me up as well.
    Thanks so much we have had a bit of a busy time here of late.

  27. Love the vivid color in your photos. I'm sorry your husband is so sick. Keeping you both in prayer as you care for him. ~ Abby

  28. Oh Wow Donna!!! The color in these are Wonderful!!
    Praying for Mr Jim daily sweet friend!


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