February 9, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to My Sweet Baboo

You have stuck with me through thick and thin.
Though sometimes you have to keep handy a bottle of gin.

We met long ago when I took your photography course.
And held together ever since then by magnetic force.

You keep me entertained and constantly amused.
You can make me laugh so hard my ribs get bruised.

Your culinary skills never fail to delight.
When I ask “what’s for dinner tonight?”

We have traveled far and wide to see the sights.
And you warm my feet on cold winter nights.

We knew from the beginning our love would survive.
Life with you, my dear, is what keeps me alive.

Let’s lift our glasses in a toast for future journeys together.
Filled with happy times, senior discounts, kisses, and good weather.

I love you, sweetie!

Jim & I resting from a hike in the Bugaboo Mountains - summer of 2002


  1. What a Wonderful poem!!! He must indeed, be a jewel!! Have a fun night!

  2. Just checking on you! Happy Valentines Day!


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