February 14, 2008

More Prizes and Surprises

I continue to be amazed on how the worldwide web brings people closer together. I have been graced with many cyber-friends over the past few years, and I would have never met them in the old-fashioned way – face to face.

One such dear friend is Carole of Pickleberry Primitives. She is a talented primitive folk artist who keeps me routinely amused and entertained on a great internet forum. This particular forum has single-handedly turned me into a very chatty gal, which is contrary to my true nature. To recognize my exceptional chattiness, Carole sent me a surprise package recently. She knitted me an adorable pair of slippers (to warm my c-c-cold feet) and made a little bottle cap pincushion to wear during my sewing adventures. A while back, she made another forum gift for me, an adorable primitive doll, who has a coveted spot on an antique chair in the main hallway of our cottage. BIG HUGS of thanks and friendship for you, Miz Carole!

hand-knitted slippers and finger pincushion from Carole
Carole made this great primitive doll for me
I recently participated in the “Bloggy Giveaways Carnival” sponsored by Rocks In My Dryer (what a name, huh?). I had a lot of fun visiting various blogs and bookmarking them along the way. I was absolutely delighted to win a beautiful pair of Valentine Earrings from The Taffy Box. Koryn is the talented jewelry artisan behind this enterprise, and she has a delightful blog called Strings Attached. Thank you, Koryn for your generosity!

pretty valentine earrings from Koryn


  1. How wonderful for you!! I agree with you about meeting people...I would have never, in a million years, met you...that would have been a down right shame!!lol hugs to you sweetie!!

  2. Donna-
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you like the earrings and am very glad to have met you and I will look forward to more entries in your blog as well! You are an inspiration to ME!

  3. PS- just had to pop back in to say how much I love the Bunny in the right hand corner of your site!!


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