March 3, 2008

Daffodils! Hooray!

yellow daffodils
I vividly remember when I first moved down to Tennessee. I left central Illinois and drove my car, loaded to the gills, on Saturday, March 5, 1977. I had a new job in Chattanooga and was going to start work on Monday. After living in the Midwest all my life, I was astounded to see that daffodils were already blooming!

So the first week of March always means that the daffodils should be peeking out down here in Tennessee to cheer us with their sunny blooms. The flowers this year have not let me down, and today is the first day of their blooms in our flowerbeds! I can’t wait for more to join these first brave little ones so that I can have some beautiful bouquets in the house.

first daffodil of the season


  1. It's exciting to watch them sprout up! I've got some in my front yard but they are only about 3 inches out of the ground. Have a happy and warm night!hughugs

  2. Enjoy those flowers cuz Michael is singing to moi! Hahahah, ; )

  3. Love your Blog, Donna! And the pictures too! Beautiful flowers ! Spring is there I can see that ! Hugs, Betty

  4. Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement! Please visit again and again. I hope to keep it pretty and interesting for your enjoyment!


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