April 19, 2008

Noah’s Ark Stitchery

I just finished up a couple of stitchery patterns as part of a block-of-the-month series. These stitchery pieces will ultimately be joined to make a small “Noah’s Ark” quilt. Lynette, a talented needle art designer from Australia, is graciously providing the free patterns on her delightful blog, Lynette Anderson Designs. Here are the results of my current stitching efforts.

Noah's Ark - rabbits
Noah's Ark - dove

By the way, these blog pictures are WAY bigger than the actual sizes of the needlework. The rabbits picture is 2-1/4 inches square, and the dove picture is 1-3/4 inches square.


  1. Geez Girl!! LOL...How Ever do you manage?!!! Have a wonderful trip!!hughugs

  2. Thank you! We'll have a wonderful time. I was on a mission to get these stitcheries done before we headed out! I do most of my stitching in front of the TV, LOL.

  3. They are so sweet...can't wait to see them in your finished quilt! :-) Rosie

  4. Your two Noahs Ark stitcheries look wonderful, such neat stitching.

  5. these are sure nice..you do such great work! cindy Il

  6. Thank you, everyone, for the very kind feedback! I haven't done any stitcheries in a while, so these were a nice way to ease back into a stitching mood. The little patterns can be done so quickly. It is almost like instant gratification!


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