April 30, 2008

Southwest USA - There and Back Again

springtime in Zion National Park
We’re back from our trip to the southwest! It was a wonderful vacation! It seems like we have been gone for ages, particularly as I do the laundry and my sweet hubby mows the lawn today, LOL. We took hundreds and hundreds of pictures along the way, and this one illustrates the awesome countryside we visited. Great weather greeted us at each destination. The food was delicious and we ignored the calories. We also made some terrific new friends. (Special “yoo-hoos” to our sweet traveling companions from Houston, Texas, and Johnson, Vermont!)

Stay tuned for stories and pictures in the weeks ahead. It will take a while for us to go through the digital photos and get them organized for sharing. Reality is upon us once again and we have a lot of things to accomplish in the near term. A top priority is to put the cottage back up for sale. That will be accomplished on Friday. We also need to get the vegetable and flower gardens planted. The busy outdoor season is here!


  1. Donna, Thank you for visitng my blog! What a gorgeous picture from your trip! I look forward to more pics!


  2. What breathtaking scenery! welcome back home to the cottage..wishing you much success on the sale of your home! When you get the time, I know I will enjoy seeing your photograhy! (hugs) cindy

  3. Thanks, Tammy, for enjoying my blog as well! We are overwhelmed with back-to-reality chores right now, but I should begin posting some pictures next week!

  4. Thank you, Cindy! The scenery was spectacular. I don't think there are enough adjectives to really described the scenes we saw! And we appreciate your good wishes on selling our home. We keep waiting for the right buyer to come along.

  5. So glad you're back!! Have missed you!!hughugs.....And so happy you had a wonderful trip!hugs

  6. Thank you! We had a wonderful time!


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