May 14, 2008

Busy Times Going On

The month is turning out to be quite busy!

After taking a break during the vacation, we have resumed our fitness workouts.

Yard work duties now take top priority. All the annual flowers are resting comfortably in their beds and containers. The upper and lower vegetable gardens (one close to the house and one down in the back forty) are now filled up with plants and seeds.

Videos will be done tomorrow for the real estate listing web sites. (Now postponed until next week because of rainy weather.)

We’ve worked in a couple of doctor and dentist appointments.

This Saturday, we’ll be holding another yard sale.


Meanwhile, there are some sewing projects that I would like to tackle. I also have a ka-zillion vacation pictures that I need to finish going through.

All I can say is that retirement is NOT boring!


  1. Donna, Bob and I have never been so busy as we are retired..LOL !Seems we have more to do than ever and often wonder how we worked and did all this. Must be all the doctor appts we have had this year. Our garage sale is the first weekend of out the rest of the craft stuff and decluttering th house. Good luck with yours and the sale of your lovely home. Cindy

  2. Isn't it amazing?! Of course, we're getting things done now that we have put off forever and a day. It is nice to get postponed tasks actually accomplished and a little ahead on the chores! Thank you for the good wishes. While we wait for a house sale, we're tackling the cluttering issue head-on! I hope you have a terrific garage sale!

  3. Looks like your hands are full! Good luck with that yard sale sweetie!!hughugs

  4. Thank you, dear! Yeah, we're headed out to the garage right now to start preparing for the yard sale! We should have good weather, and we've got more advertising this time. So we hope we get a good crowd!


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