May 8, 2008

Iris Blooms

The iris blooms have been spectacular this spring. They are now beginning to decline, but I took some pictures earlier this week to remember their glory.

here is an overall view of the iris bed
look at those yummy colors!
you can't resist admiring these lovely lavender ones!


  1. Wonderful!!! I Love Iris!!!hughugs

  2. Thanks! They are so easy to grow, LOL. In another few weeks, all of our daylilies ought to be showing their glory too.

  3. Lovely pictures! I did a dumb thing to mine this year...burning off old leaves that didn't get raked last fall, I didn't realize my iris were sprouting out earlier this spring...and burnt them! I thought..I was amazed to see them all send out yet more new shoots. I later read this is how they treat iris bore..early spring burn off..LOL I doubt mine bloom this year..I sure was glad to see they made it though, as they were some special ones mom had given me. ... "Cinder-ella"

  4. OMG, Cindy! I bet that gave you a fright to think you had lost them! I remember seeing some your iris pictures and you have a wonderful collection.


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