June 19, 2008

June is for Daylilies

We discovered hybrid daylilies many years ago and regard them as one of the best perennial flowers for the garden. They are about as “no muss, no fuss” as you can get with flowers! We’ve never had a problem with pests on them, and we rarely even fertilize the plants. They thrive, year after year, with little effort on our part. How can you beat that?

We divide the clumps up every 5-6 years and give extras away to friends. During the blooming season, we deadhead old blooms every couple of days so that the plants bloom longer and don’t put their energies into creating seed pods.

Here are some of beautiful blooms we are currently enjoying in our June flower gardens.

fairy tale pink
siloam jim cooper
watermelon man
black eye stella
midnight magic
siloam double classic
strawberry candy


  1. Oh MY!!! Gorgeous from here!!!hughugs

  2. Hi Donna!
    You Day Lillies are BEAUTIFUL!!! Did you know there is one named Judith? =0) I'm loving your blog!!!

  3. Thank you, Judy! (blush, blush) It is really fun and it is a blast to spread a little joy. I just googled the Judith daylily and it is very pretty! Nice, bright pink!


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