July 17, 2008

Noah’s Ark Stitchery - Kangaroos

I finished up another Noah’s Ark stitchery pattern as part of a block-of-the-month series – the kangaroos! This wee block is smaller than shown on your computer screen. It measures 2-1/4 inches square. So the stitching is tiny.

the kangaroos are ready to bounce into the ark
Lynette, a talented needle art designer from Australia, is graciously providing the free patterns on her delightful blog, Lynette Anderson Designs. I have a convenient link for you located on my right-hand navigation bar.

I am running a few months behind on my stitching. The block for the kangaroos was presented in June. I will be making the cows (May) and elephants (July) come to life next!


  1. That is soooo cute! I'm glad you are enjoying these projects.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Thanks, Karen! I enjoy stitching, but have slowed down considerably in the past few years. This Noah Ark series is great fun.

  3. How absolutely precious!!!!
    Wonderful work!!!!

  4. How sweet of you to say, Brenda! It's fun to do a little stiching now and then.

  5. Hello back to Marty the official greeter :)

    Donna, thanks for visiting and sorry you got sticky! You live close to me! Well sort of...LOL

    I like your blog and Grey Havens looks lovely. I've only visited TN twice I think, and it is a beautiful state. I'll come back and catch up on reading more!

    Engineering career retiree? I'm impressed and happy you've taken up blogging and are taking time to enjoy life more!

  6. I LOVE the ROOs!!! You do Beautiful work sweetie!!! Can't Wait to see the elephants!!! Happy night!!hughugs

  7. Oh I love the Noah's Ark idea, this is so cute. Now if it is smaller then on the computer, this kind of work must be hard on your eyes but I lvoe it.

  8. Thanks, Donna! The roos are cuties. I'm working on the cows now...

  9. Hey, Joan! These are a bit of a challenge for me these days with my "senior eyes", so I just take it slow, LOL. They are meant to be folk art, so a little sloppiness adds to their charm!

  10. I'm so glad that you popped by for a visit, Debbie! I am especially fond of my little blog greeter, so he will probably remain at his post for quite a while, LOL.

    Please come back and visit more when you have a chance! I'm having lots of fun with this blogging stuff.

    Yep, I was an engineer, with a degree in nuclear and specialty in environmental. Hahahaha, hard to believe it myself sometimes! It was a good gig and analytical stuff is just second nature to me.

    But now I get to PLAY!!!!!!!!!

  11. The kangaroos are so cute! I take it that one day all the different blocks will make one wonderful quilt? I used to cross stitch all of the time and loved it!

  12. Hey, Jeanette! Yes, all of the blocks will eventually be sewn together into a mini-quilt. The designer has a block plan to follow. I used to do cross-stitching or fine embroidery every night while watching TV. I've had to slow down because of arthritis and poorer eyesight. It's not fun getting old, LOL!


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