December 8, 2008

Handmade Christmas

I had the best intentions to do more handmade gifts this Christmas season. But it just didn’t happen! A girlfriend and I have decided that we will start a "Christmas in July" campaign in 2009. Maybe I’ll have a fighting chance if I start that early!

There were a few things I accomplished this season, including the fabric tree ornaments that I shared earlier here on my blog, for a forum swap, and for some gifts to friends. I also stitched a few Prairie Schooler Santa designs for myself, but these have not yet been assembled into ornaments. That may be a January project!

To supplement the store-bought Christmas cards leftover from last year, I also created some handmade ones to send out to friends. Echoing the tree idea of this year’s little fabric ornaments, here are what the cards looked like.

little primitive trees were the theme this year for my handmade cards
I didn’t make the slightest dent in my paper supply stash, ha-ha! Nevertheless, it was fun to make a great mess in my studio and do something creative.

I also just completed some pincushions for gifts too. I chose a muted cottage-style fabric in blue/brown tones for the base, and embellished them with old wool felt, little doilies, perle cotton, and stacked buttons. These turned out so sweet looking, don’t you think?

if you sew, you can never have enough pretty pincushions!
I hope the gift recipients like them (fingers crossed)! Maybe I’ll do another one to give away for my one-year blogging anniversary coming up in a few weeks. I haven’t cleaned up that mess yet, so I might as well keep on going!


  1. Those are adorable pin cushions! I had big plans for making gifts this year and let's see...this is Dec. 9th and I haven't made a single one!

  2. Keep on going, Girl. You have the magic touch. Everything is so beautiful!! :)

  3. Those pin cushions look amazing!
    Super proffesional...The recipient would have to love them.
    Handmade is always extra special.
    Well done you clever thing.

  4. Donna the cards and pin cushions are very nice! I am sure the recipiants will be thrilled! I didn't get all I had intended done first , as they say. I finally got the trees up and will need to craft nextr year as well ..perahps LOL

  5. I love all of your creations. You are so very talented.

    I got my ornament, and I love it. I plan on doing a post about it very soon. Things have been really crazy around here with the holidays. Thank you again for the beautiful gift.

  6. Thanks everyone for oohing and aahing over my creativity attempts, LOL! I don't work fast and am a self-confessed fussbudget. It sounds like I'm not alone when it comes down to the time crunch at the end of the year!

    I'm glad that you got the little ornament, Brittany, safe and sound. And as an added bonus, you love it! That makes my heart sing! Enjoy, my dear!

  7. Love the cards and pincushions . I am now following you as I need to come back and learn from one of your earlier posts about tagging photos . Thanks for sharing that .
    Clare's Craftroom

  8. I love your cards. I had thoughts of making cards, but will probably go with the store bought variety this year. I still have several gifts to make - theres nothing like a deadline! Maybe I should get up and start working!!!

  9. You are welcome, Clare, and thank you for following my little blog! Hope you give the photo tagging trick a whirl!

  10. What pretty little pin cushions and those cards are gorgeous. Clever you.


  11. You just have a multiplicity of talents don't you! Everything has such charm and I know I sure am attached to my little handmade ornament...*wink...I'll be posting it to share in the next few days when schoolwork finishes make me want to be creative somehow but I'm afraid right now my brain is frazzled...everything would turn out lopsided!

    Keep doing what you are doing...everything is beautiful ~


  12. I love the pincushions and cards, you're so creative!

  13. Those are absolutely gorgeous. All of it the cards and the pin cushions!
    You are talented my friend.
    I'd enter your giveaway lol.

  14. I LOVE your pincushions! How wonderful...I am going giving one handmade item this year...I started shopping very early in the year so I only have a bit more to do.

    BTW...I love Marty! He's cute!

  15. I KNOW Marty did the cards! He is SO darn talented!!hahaa..
    Hope all is going well there! Stay away from the TV...Too many idiots getting arrested!!hahaa..Happy day sweetie!hughugs

  16. Donna.... I can't find your email... contact me please.... have you read my blog lately???

    I really need to hear from you!!



  17. Hi, Donna! I love the pincushions...they are absolutely beautiful! And so are the cards!! I am so glad that I found you again!

  18. Everything is so pretty, love the pincushions. I also had wonderful intentions of doing some homemade things, while I did well with jewelry making, I didn't get around to making my own Christmas cards, just ran out of time.


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