December 13, 2008

Photo Challenge: Holiday Decorations

Once again, it is time for the latest Brenda Photo Challenge! The subject is Holiday Decorations, picked by the current challenge hostess, Kim of Caffeine Is Life.

The vast majority of our Christmas decorations remained in our attic storage this year. We also refrained from putting up any large trees. The theme this year was simple and easy! But we still have plenty displayed to show that our hearts live in the Christmas spirit.

(Please roll your computer mouse over the photos for captions.)

Little Trees

rabbit greeters and a snowy tree stand watch near the front door
a large feather tree in the dining room is decorated with delicate German glass ornaments
the solarium features a small feather tree tucked into a country basket
a decorated grapevine tree resides on the coffee table in the great room
my bedroom dresser gets special attention with its own feather tree and glass pinecone ornaments
a little black Santa bear cozies up to a rustic tree in the breakfast room

Joyful Scenes

small Santas line the main stairway underneath pine rope garland, while a brown silk thread tree rests on the hallway bench
Christmas decorations mix right in with the usual furnishings in the dining room

Christmas Folk Art

I completed this lovely needlework picture of a woodland Santa in 1991, and it resides in the main hallway year-round
this beautiful painted skate was created by an artist friend in Missouri and hangs outside my home office
an assortment of ornaments are scattered on knobs throughout the house, including this wool felt snowman that I made in 2005

I hope that you enjoyed this little tour!


  1. AWWWW!!! LITTLE Martys!!!!Hahaa...This tour was Beautiful Sweetie! I love all your decorations!! Happy weekend!!hughugs

  2. Beautiful tour through your decorated house! We only put up a decorated Christmas tree on 24 December standing in the living room for two or three weeks until the tree begins to lose its needles, and an advent wreath, some candles in the windows.

  3. I love the Ice skate and the grapevine tree! They are all beautiful, but those 2 are my faves! Great photos, and thanks so much for participating!!

  4. Each awesome and unique. I LOVE them all!!! Thank you for sharing, Donna. Christmas spirit comes alive in your home. :)

  5. Those are great! I especially love the trees, I'm a sucker for trees. Awesome photos!

  6. Love everything Donna!!! Is that a skate by Jan?? Your home looks the stairway!

  7. I wanted to look at them close up! Sniff, sniff.... sulk. All of your trees are so wonderful... I think I might like that blue the best... or the one in the basket... but I know I love the heart shaped snowman pillow! And your staircase!!!! Oh, my!

  8. I HAD to come back to look for the mini Marty in the cupboard!!! And There he IS!!Hahahaaaa....BUT!! I'm with Cindra! I Tried to blow the picture up and it won't let me!!....SO, I got my magnifying glass out...WHAT?!!!Hahaaa.....And There he was!!! TOO COOL!!!hughugs

  9. Hi Donna,

    I love your collection of little trees. Each one is so pretty. And the needlepoint Santa that you made is gorgeous, I would keep it up all year also. Wow how long did that take to make, amazing detail. And I want to come on vacation to your house, that staircase is just wonderful! Oh and the ice skate is wonderful too. So many great photos.

  10. When you have so many gorgeous little trees all over, who needs a big one! I love your staircase too. I love to decorate my banister. Lighted garland this year and it's wonderful!

  11. ,I too, love your collections of small trees. What a great idea. Thank you for your wonderful photos.

  12. I love your home! It is decorated beautifully! I hope to have a banister some day. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year to decorate. Love all the little trees! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Oh, Donna! Such a beautiful home, and such wonderful trees! The Christmas Spirit is strong in your home, I know!

  14. I love your little trees DOnna and that staircase is beautiful.

  15. Donna, what a beautiful blog.

    I found my way here through Olde Harbor Saltbox & Starlight Prims Blog - which I also enjoy very, very much...anyway....your home tour is beautiful.


  16. Everything is so charming...I have a thing for trees too and they are scattered about in our home and I think we have the same miniature pinecone you for sharing the Christmas spirit of warmth in the home.


  17. DONNA! The decorating you have been up to looks amazing!
    I love the grapevine tree and those glass pinecones and that skate!
    Oh my ...I love it all and the deccies up the side of the stair case.
    In fact...Greystanes...consider it sold!
    It looks very much like I would love to live in your home!! lol!!
    Just all looks so lovely.

    Also Ms Donna....Can you tell me how to make it possible to activate my Photos so they can be "clicked on" to enlarge them???
    I am sure you of all peple will know how to?

  18. Whoops! Gray Havens...Where'd I pull greystanes from??

  19. What a lovely tour. I love all the little Christmas trees and your staircase is gorgeous :-)

    I know that I am VERY late with my entry but it's up now. Just got snowed-under with parties and work. I hope Santa still comes :-)


  20. Lovely decorations! I love all the little trees and that ice skate arrangement is adorable.

  21. These are gorgeous photos of the decorations ~ I must have missed this post!!
    Love and hugs XXXX

  22. Very cute - my favorites are your grapevine tree and the rustic one!

    Your staircase is lovely!

    Merriest Christmas!

  23. Oh I love all your little trees. How festive. I know that next year you'll be putting them up in your new place!

  24. Christmas in July! It was very cooling and refreshing.


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