January 4, 2009

Pay It Forward Thank You

what sweet gifties from Kylie!
Lookie here at the sweet “Pay It Forward” presents that I received from Miss Kylie at A Bite of Country Cupcakes! A little fluffy angel ornament in pink colors, along with a “buttoned” valentine card, all tucked into an incredible altered art envelope. They are all precious – just like Kylie’s treasured friendship.

there’s Marty on this sparkly envelope, blaring his horn again!
I couldn’t help but hoot in laughter when I saw a rabbit image (from one of my blog posts) on the fabulous envelope! Marty, my beloved blog greeter, would love to give you a hug for that, Kylie, if you don’t mind a little rabbit fur on your clothing, LOL.

how thoughtful to include the Aussie card and wrapping paper
And, to delight me even further, it was all wrapped in Aussie Christmas paper featuring lovable koalas. There was even a Christmas card featuring a koala and wombat riding with Santa.

Thank you so much, Kylie! Can you feel my cyber-hug coming your way? I am so glad that I have gotten to know you in the past year.

For the Pay It Forward project, I still have my end of the bargain to fulfill. I have two blogging friends signed up to receive a handmade goody from me this year: Joan of
Joan's Journeys and Jan of Olde Harbor Saltbox & Starlight Prims. I met Joan last year through participation in the Brenda Photo Challenge (see sidebar link). With our common interests in photography and travel, we hit it off immediately. And, it turns out that my friendship with Jan has been reunited! By happenstance, we found each other again through the Pay It Forward signup! It is a great example of the small world in which we live. Please read the incredible story on her blog.

I have one more opening for someone to participate in the Pay It Forward project. Would you like to play and receive a handmade gift from me sometime this year? All the details are on this post.


  1. Donnna I was glad to see it got there....
    I posted some time ago but with Christmas mail there must've been abit of time lapse.
    I wondered wheather you would pick up on the "wabbit" image on your goodie envelope.
    I looked long and hard to find "aussie" papers and card.
    So to you My faraway Friend...
    Know just how very glad I am to have met you.
    And I don't mind a little fluff from Bunny hugs at all.

  2. I was so touched by your sweet gifties! You took a lot of time and trouble, thinking about how to make it personal. It all warms my heart! And how could I miss the rabbit image? Marty is smitten with you at your thoughtfulness. Consider that you have a LOT of rabbit fur sticking to the bottom edge of your trousers, LOL!

    You are a dear, dear friend, and that is always the BEST present of all in this crazy world. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  3. It is just exciting to see my name in lights!! Thank you for posting about me, and linking back to me! I am still in awe of how we met again! Life is just amazing at times isn't it?

    I love the goodies that you received! What a talented artist! That card is just beautiful! No wonder Marty was thrilled!

  4. The Lemonade Award

    You have been given The Lemonade Award by ME! Check out my blog to recieve your award!


  5. That is so cute Donna! I love it. How personal huh?

  6. Such lovely gifts for a lovely lady!

    *If you get this message twice, it's 'cause I'm off my rocker*


  7. How much fun! Congratulations! Thanks for all of your visits and kind words. I just wanted to say that I love your profile photo of you as a little girl. It's just so sweet. Happy New Year

  8. What great Gifts! Cupcake's a Doll! Happy day Sweetie!!hughugs

  9. Hi Donna,

    What pretty goodies! I have had no one sign up for my Pay it Forward. Boo hoo.........maybe it was just to close to Christmas. I do like that Aussie Christmas paper and that angel is so cute, Kylie is just the sweetest! Have a good one.


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