February 19, 2009

Taxing My Patience and Sanity

Guess what I have been doing lately? Preparing our income tax return! What fun!

I am very diligent in keeping my blog entertaining and upbeat. My goal is to make it a soothing respite from the frustrations of the world. So please indulge me during my annual exercise in futility. I am a wee bit frustrated and need to vent.

For the last several years, I have used the online version of Tax Act for preparing our Federal taxes. It has one quality that I find most endearing. It is free. However, there is usually something in the tax code that trips me up every year. This year was no exception. I wasted several hours coaxing the program to give me all of the prompts so that I could correctly complete the required forms for an IRA conversion. I could have gotten mad at the program. But that would be ignoring the true source of my frustration: the Federal government and its insane system of taxation.

As food for thought, chew on these statistics:
- Words in the tax code: 3.7 million
- Pages of tax laws and regulations: 67,506
- Pages in the 1040 instruction book: 161
- Number of changes to the tax code in 2008: 500
- Percent of taxpayers using paid preparers: 59
- Percent of taxpayers using tax software: 16
- Percent of IRS answers to phone queries that are correct: 90
- Number of official “tax expenditures” or loopholes in the code: 161
(courtesy of The Washington Post, 2-8-09)

nd it is going to get even worse next year because the newly anointed “stimulus” (aka “spending”) bill reportedly contains 344 pages of tax changes. Oh joy.

The good news is that I completed my ordeal and our Federal income tax forms are now filed! I should return to my normal good nature shortly.

Marty assisted me by taking pictures of the whole process and creating a pictorial essay to share with you. He is such a clever fellow that he even used the ink color that is currently in fashion.

This was Donna’s composure while she compiled the paperwork and put the data into the online software.

Besides the computer software, here is another essential tool that she used.

After Donna completed the electronic forms, she went out to the garden shed and got out one of these.

And filled it up with a pile of these. To the brim.

Then she sent it all here.

And our esteemed politicians lovingly placed it all here.

The end.


  1. Oh my friend! I LOVED this post! I sure did need a good laugh. I'm sorry it's at your expense. But very well done. You hit the nail on the head girlfriend!!!
    Love you!

  2. I hear ya, been there already this year except they had to send me a few measly bucks back this year. I'm sure what they kept ended up on the same place though.

    I continue to tax my brain for others though.

  3. HAHAHAHALOLOLOLHAHAhahahaaaa...OHMYWORD!!! That's EXACTLY where it's going!!!!!
    Hahaaaa...That Marty!! He's SO darn GOOD!!!lololol....
    Hurts, don't it!!!
    Happy night sweetie...you're done...I'm Still waiting on our Acct'nt to call....hughugs

  4. What? No flush? Did they even bother to wash their hands? You know how dirty money is... especially in Washington!

  5. Great idea, Cindra! I'm going to edit and add a "whoosh" right now!

  6. Oh, Donna, you made me LAUGH and CRY at the same time! I hear you, girl!
    It's insane! Makes you wonder who's running the show, doesn't it.

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog today.
    I can see in spite of your hassles with tax returns you are keeping your sense of humor! Much needed in these days.

    Laughing increases positive balance in our bodies, souls and hearts! Who was it who said laughter is the best medicine? He (or she) was right.

    Hugs! Diane

  7. very cute post. I need to get started on mine!

  8. Goodness!! I'm glad it's over for you, though. Marty is a great assistant!!

  9. I dread seeing what next year brings!
    this was cute and made me snile though!!!...

  10. I mailed my return week before last, but seeing your statistics I hope I did it all right! I wish they would hurry up and send my money back to me - I just wish it was a wheelbarrow load of 100s lol!!!

  11. LOL!!! love it! I wished for a wheelbarrow full but ended up with pocket change :(
    keep the good posts comin we all need a good laugh these days!

  12. Loved the post. At least you can sleep knowing that you indeed did pay your taxes- unlike some of those politicians who get to spend them. I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I am with our government right now- and so saddened. (Chuckled as the letters I have for word verification with this post are "perack"- sounds a lot like our president)

  13. LOL, great post and oh so true! thanks for the much needed laugh this morning

  14. Donna,
    I love your post...so true and so sad! It is time for another Boston tea party. As an accountant I have decided I cannot do taxes anymore because of the total frustration with the system and the massive tax code mess! So...I am changing careers and my sanity is beginning to return. Unfortunately my taxes still have to be prepared.


  15. Hi Donna, My goodness the statistics say it all don't they? Loved the post and got a big laugh out of it. You would think that if people go to the trouble of doing their own they should pay less tax. Ha... Now look who is being funny. I am nowhere near as patient as you are so we pay an accountant to handel out tax return.
    Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

  16. Hi Dona,

    I am going to have to show hubby this post. LOL Too funny and so true.

  17. Wonderful post! I loved it and I can understand your pain. I haven't done my own yet. But I will.


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