March 18, 2009

Kentucky Trip - Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

a Shaker bonnet and clothes brush rest on a side table
One of our favorite places to visit in middle Kentucky is the historical Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. For our journey this past November, we had spectacular fall weather and encountered very few tourists. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!

Our first introduction to the legacy of the Shaker communities was a visit to
Canterbury Shaker Village in the spring of 1986. While there, we were delighted to meet Eldress Bertha Lindsay (1897-1990). We enjoyed some tea and lemon verbena cookies while she told us about the different varieties of blooming lilac bushes outside her home. She even shared her cookie recipe with us, LOL. At the time, Eldress Bertha was preparing to publish her cookbook, Seasoned with Grace. She was a cheerful and delightful lady.

The Shaker Historical Trail provides information on the history of the Shaker communities and their locations. If you are a fan of the famous Shaker style of architecture, furniture, and household objects, you would greatly enjoy a jaunt to these historical sites.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill dates back to 1805. It is America’s largest restored Shaker community, with 34 historical buildings and 3000 acres of preserved farmland. About half of the buildings are open to visitors, and some provide accommodations to overnight guests. Fine dining is provided in the Trustee’s Office. Many informative events are held during the year, and riverboat rides are available during the warm seasons. Fine handmade crafts and reproduction furniture are also offered for sale.

Instead of doing several posts to share and describe my pictures, I decided to upload some photographs into Photobucket and put together a slide show for you. So please grab a nice beverage, sit back, and click on the link below to begin your armchair journey. Enjoy, my friends!

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill Slide Show


  1. Oh my goodness, Donna, the slide show is AWESOME! I love all the pictures! It's wonderful to be able to see places and things that otherwise we wouldn't be able to. THANK YOU!! (hugs)

  2. I love taking these trips with you!! Don't work too hard little Girl!!hughugs

  3. Thanks for the slide show!Reminds me a bit of back home in Connecticut...

    Have a great day!

  4. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for the little mini-vacation this morning. I always want to go to the places you've gone to!

  5. I can't believe I was raised in Kentucky and never went there! I'm going to have to read more of your blog to see what else I've missed :)

  6. I loved the slide show! The baskets and boxes are my favorites but the staircase is so awesome!

  7. Going over to look at yer slideshow now, thank'ee!

  8. That sounds like so much fun. You give such good ideas for vacations when we can afford them! LOL.
    I'm going to go check out your pics while my pizza cooks!

  9. Hi Donna!
    Happy Spring to you. thank you for sharing this nugget! Had never known any of this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Always blessed

  10. Awesome slide show Donna! I will have to make another trip back there with the grandkids when they get a little older. LOL Didn't the Shaker's invent the clothes pin? For some reason that seems to stand out in my mind but not sure if I am getting confused with something else. Anyway, excellent pictures! I see you are on twitter, I started it ahwile back but forgot to keep up with it now I do facebook. Are you on facebook?

  11. What a neat trip and photos! thanks for sharing this. we have a Shaker village not far from us here in Illinois..called Bishop Hill.

  12. Fantastic photos ...
    I saw the candle stick and holder in another picture and thought Oh Donna give us a closer look at That!,,And you did!
    Loved the furry bull too.

  13. Great photos of a really neat place. Thanks for taking us on the trip with you.

  14. Kentucky has some of the most interesting places to visit! I hadn't heard of this one. Thanks for the photos. They were wonderful!

  15. Donna I wanted to make sure I came back and told you how much I enjoyed the slide show. It looks like some place that we would like to visit.
    BIG hugs!


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