March 19, 2009

Twittering and Tweeting

Oh dear. All of this social networking and computer technology is getting the better of me. Perhaps I have temporarily gone a little bit whacked in the noggin, but I decided to give Twittering a go. A little bird picture link to my Twitter page is located over on my sidebar.

I am NOT going to share the mundane and truly boring parts of my life with everyone, minute by bloody minute. Do you really need to know when I am scrubbing the bathrooms, clipping my toenails, or standing in the line at the grocery store? Hmmm? I didn’t think so, LOL!

As my blogging friends have observed by now, I do not post daily on my blog. After 40 years of constrained servitude called “working for a living” and now that I have had a taste of retirement life, I am averse to tying myself down to a routine schedule for activities such as blogging. This is meant to be fun and fun it will remain!

So I intend to use Twitter to keep my blogging friends up to speed on a few cottage happenings and journey events, in between my postings. You may click on the blog link and see if I have some up-to-date news to share. I can also use Twitter to chat back and forth with friends who are also signed up with a Twitter account.

How about it, blogging buddies? Is anyone else doing Twitter?


  1. No time, but bless your heart for giving it a go! I'm hoping by the time I catch up with all this new techie stuff someone will have all the bugs worked out and be able to explain it to me. Have fun with it!

  2. I went to look at your twitter page and it talks about "from your phone?"
    I just don't get it!!Hahaaa...And I didn't see Marty!!!!SIN-SIN!!!
    Are you watching C-SPAN???Hahahaaa....

  3. Hey, Donna! I don't know what you mean about "from your phone". My twitter doesn't say anything like that, so I'm confused! I checked the link and it is working OK. Try it again and see if can get my page to load up!

    And Mr. Marty's greeter duties are NOT going to extend to Twitter, LOL. He has his hands full here!

  4. Goodness~that is neat! Your page is so pretty! I'll give it a go in a while, but knowing me I'll mess it up big time! You're accomplished in this stuff, Donna. :)

  5. I keep hearing the Good Moring America crew talk about Twitter, but I'm clueless about it all. Maybe I'll have to check into it...

  6. Hi Donna,

    Did you get my message I sent back to you from my phone on twitter? Not sure how it all works yet. LOL And hopefully I will remember to update it. I joined facebook because all my kids and family are on it, it's a fun way to keep up with everyone too but all this computer stuff, like blogging, facebook, twitter and flickr takes up alot of time and my butt is growing bigger everyday. LOL

  7. I've been tweetin with my family and a couple friends for quite awhile now ~ it's a great way to stay in touch with few words! My twitter is here. I'm gonna go check yours out now! {{huggz}}

  8. I noticed your twitter birdy on your sidebar yesterday,
    I am so not knowing of twitter...
    So I don't but mabey if I can work it out I will twitter just alittle:)

  9. I tried the Twitter, forgot the password and my username and soon just gave up trying to log on to it. I may give it a go again when I can remember to. :-)


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