March 2, 2009

March - A Look Ahead

February is a memory. Soon the winter season will be a memory too. The early daffodils have already made their appearance, though the current cold snap is making them bow their heads toward the earth. The trees are already showing signs of waking from their slumber. Red tips are showing on the maples and the beautiful light green color is appearing on the weeping willows. All the signs are there, telling us that it is time to get the flowerbeds in order before the color show begins. I have ordered the dreaded load of mulch, and it will be delivered on Thursday this week. Our gardening boot camp will then begin and will continue for most of the month. Here we go again. We didn’t expect to still be at the homestead right now. But here we remain. It’s funny how life never turns out how you have it planned.

The temporary consulting job got wrapped up last month. I quickly readjusted back to a retirement schedule and am spending more time with my robe and slippers. I got my annual physical and mammogram done last week, so those necessary checkup items have been crossed off my “to do” list. My health is good and I made it through the winter without the flu and respiratory distress, unlike last year. Mission accomplished!

Now if I could just have some magic wand waved over my knee, I would be a much happier camper. There are days that I have to really dig deep to find a joyful spirit. Chronic pain is such a hideous monster. Another cortisone shot is scheduled for next week. I am beginning to have my doubts that I can make it through the year without knee replacement surgery. Which means someone needs to get it in a higher gear and buy the homestead pretty soon.

With the advent of some improved weather, I plan to get out and exercise my camera a bit more this month. I have been teaching myself some new tricks on Photoshop lately. So that has kept me focused on photography and expanding my ideas on subject matter and style. After spending decades with a film camera, digital photography is such grand fun. Stay tuned for some totally cool images that I will share in the Photo Challenge this coming Saturday!


  1. Awww...I wish I could wave a magic wand over your knee sweetie!'d be Perfect!ooxxoohugs

  2. My Granny has her knee surgery on Friday and is actually excited!!!
    She has been so soreand uncomfortable she will be glad to have it fixed.
    GOOD to hear you and your robe are beimg reaquainted...
    Enjoy a slower pace again.
    Autumn has arrived here and bring it on I say...
    So the fire threats stop!
    Kids off school again today due to weather warnings and fire risks! Ugh!!

  3. Your big bro just came into the room..."Is THAT the cottage-I haven't seen it yet!" tells you how much time we spend keeping in touch with family!
    Thanks for the beautiful card for his birthday... Miriam is cooking dinner (homemade pizza-yes, I did see your focaccia bread!) so that Tim and I can have a date-first in 13 years!

    I love your blog. Especially the signs of spring. We are hard into winter yet although there are some 50 degrees weather (well, I can't lie, it was only one day...) We are also planning our garden. Miriam is wanting to grow jalapenos and strawberries. Catherine wants to grow corn for the squirrels next winter and we are looking forward to some climbers to use to make tepees for the kids. I can't wait!

    Your blog makes me want to get a cd enabled one time use camera so I can send you some pictures!
    xoxoxo, Diane (and the birthday boy)

  4. Hey, Diane!!!! Tell my big BRO that I said YO and hip-happy-dappity birthday! I hope that you have a lovely date night (with smooching)!

    Oh, the gardening is going to be such a treat for the young'uns! Be sure to tell them that Aunt Donna says that weeding is fun, fun, fun. Think they'll buy that?

    I'm glad that you are enjoying my little blog. Please come back often to see what is going on! I add new pretty pictures all the time and tell about some of our traveling adventures. My rabbit sidekick, Marty, helps me by greeting visitors. When I'm not looking, he might try to tries to shake a few of my friends down for snacks too. What a furball!

    I'd love to see pics of the young'uns sometime. They are probably growing so much that I wouldn't recognize them.

    HUGS and LOVE!

  5. I can't wait for spring to finally get here - and stay!
    I hope your knee gets to feeling better so you can enjoy the spring weather. I've been told that years ago my husbands granddad had knee surgery and that he could outrun the teenage grandchildren afterwards.
    Hope you have a great month -I hope to spend lots of it in the garden!

  6. It's sure to be a busy month for all of us...and I'm so excited about spring and all the fresh colors...puts a little hop in my step - Marty knows what I'm talkin' about! I do hope the knee eases up on you and lets you enjoy some of what nature is sharing ~

  7. Sorry to hear about the knee, that is a bummer. And hope the house sells soon, it is so pretty I don't know why someone doesn't snap it up, I guess it's this crazy economy.

  8. It's 30 degrees here this morning; Saturday was 74 but very windy. What??? :)

    I'm sorry your knee is hurting so badly; hopefully you'll be able to have the surgery soon. My dad had both knee replacements, they worked wonders for him.

    Plans in life? I don't make many anymore. hahahaha

  9. Hi Mom is having cortisone in her knee too. She has had problems with it for really affects how she gets around. I know she's had cortisone in the past and it's given her some comfort.

    I need to get a mammogram too....ugh..thanks for the reminder.


  10. hope that knee responds to the cortisone, donna.....i'm limpin along here too, knowing i need to get shots for heel spurs....they hurt like heck...but then so do the heel guess i should quit procrastinating!!!! i love your cottage and acreage....where can we find out more about it?
    hope you have a wonderful day....and i don't think i have ever seen anything but a joyful spirit when i visit!

  11. Hey it's not fair that you have signs of Spring down your way already. LOL We usually don't do the mulch thing till May when the weather gets better. Around Cincy they tell us to wait to plant until Mother's Day because we could still get a good freeze in April. But today was near 50 and sunny and I wore my sandals, people think I am crazy and yea I guess I am. LOL I really hope your knee gets better. I know the not so fun joys of chronic pain, my back seems to enjoy tormenting me so I'll keep you in my prayers. Okay this turned into a novel, sorry.....have a good one!


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