April 27, 2009

Last Week in April

I caught this iris pair cuddling
Is my calendar right? It can’t be the last week in April! No way, no how! We have gardening activities planned for this week, interspersed with mundane things like teeth cleaning and insurance quotes. I hope to regain some energy this week and better tolerate the knee pain. I may have to get it fixed up sooner rather than later.

I know that my readers are anxiously awaiting photos from latest our trip. You got a little bit of a taste when you saw my entries in the photo challenge this past Saturday. Alas, you know that I am slower than molasses when it comes to doing my photo editing! I am currently working on my images from Appomattox, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered in the Civil War. It was an overcast day when we visited, but the weather seemed to heighten the somber mood of this historical site.

While you patiently wait, I thought you would like to see a picture of some beautiful iris blooms in our gardens. I hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy their rapidly changing landscapes. Life is short. Please take it all in while you can!


  1. I love iris and have several kinds that mom gave me ( hybrids and others) mines are not in bllom yet..our tulips and jonquils are just now blooming.,,abd wild violets and dandelions! LOL bob is going mow grass today..first mowing of the year. I picked about a lb of asparagus..yum! wiolll look forward to your pictures when you are ready to show them.

  2. Your iris is so lovely, I bet it smells great too! I'm wishing for Spring to move into a slower mode now so I can savor each and every moment.

  3. I want to thank you for the book! I've already read it from cover to cover...I love all the photos.

    Your Iris is gorgeous!

  4. Geez the iris is gorgeous sweetie!! And Yes! I'm a wonting meh some pictures!!!hahaaa...It's the Only way I get out of the house or this office!!
    Take care of the knee problem sweetie!!!!hughugs

  5. Oh, Donna, I hope that knee lets up~I hate to think of you hurting like that.

    The iris' so very beautiful! (hugs)

  6. Cindy - I remember seeing your pics before of those beautiful flowers you got from your mother's garden. What special memories!

    Everyone - I hope you can imagine the wonderful smell too!

    Robin - I'm so glad that you got the book and enjoyed it, LOL! All those old pics sure help tell the story of the Smoky Mtns.

    Sally - This old knee isn't going to get any better. Every day with it is a struggle now. Will have to call the doctor soon, which saddens me. I've run out of time with it!

  7. Oh have'nt the months passed so quickley!
    Life seems to just march on...Often it seems right on over the top of us!
    I have a huge busy week comming up too so that'll finish off the onth with a bang!

  8. Oh Donna, I am so sorry that your knee is giving you problems. Your photo is so pretty and I bet your yard is looking great! Love your last two sentences, so true..................

  9. April did go awfully fast, didn't it?

  10. Your iris are beautiful. The landscapes are changing daily with the addition of new flowers. Find a chair outside and prop your knee up and enjoy the Spring!

  11. Donna! I'm SO EXCITED! You won the drawing for the Amish coloring book and crayons! YIPPEE!
    Email me your address, okay!?
    I hope you LOVE IT!

  12. Donna, I just love your picture of the iris and yes I agree the year is just flying by. Can I also mention that I loved your pictures on Anything Meta. Such great choices. Thank you for sharing.
    Love and hugs XXXXOOOO

  13. this year seems to be flying by us all. i love spring time.....the sun, the flowers, the warmth, the rain, the season is beautiful...........but my kids aren't enjoying the allergies, lol


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