April 21, 2009

National Park Week

America the Beautiful Senior Pass
Did you know that this is National Park Week? And did you know that there is some sort of national park, monument, or historic site in 49 of our 50 states? (Delaware is the odd one out.) Many of our best and most memorable journeys are taken at these natural treasures. If you don’t make a point of visiting them, then I think you are missing out on learning opportunities and some incredible scenery!

We went to three sites managed by the
National Park Service just last week! We giggled like kids when hubby flashed his Senior Pass at each of them too. Talk about a great deal! It is a lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 and over. Among other benefits, it provides free admission for the card holder and up to three adults to recreation sites that charge a fee. And what does the Senior Pass cost? Just $10! The only catch (besides being an old fart) is that you have to purchase the card in person. Other America the Beautiful passes are also available: annual, access (lifetime for those with permanent disabilities), and volunteers.

So what national park, monument, or historic site is on your "must see" list? And when are you going to visit it? The clock is ticking!


  1. That's one thing for me to be looking forward to. I love parks and zoos.

  2. I have a cousin who reminds me a lot of you, Donna; she & her hubby live in Montgomery, Ala. but I can never find her there because they are "always" travelling and including to the parks around the U.S. They love it!!

    Hope you've had a wonderful day!!

  3. Hee,hee..
    The catch is: Being an old fart!!!
    You are funny,But I guess visitng all these beautiful places on the cheap makes them all the more beautiful!

  4. Mornin' Donna
    I love State Parks. And you do live in such a lovely area for them!
    Always blessed

  5. being a senior has its advantages, lol. i had no idea that this was national park week......maybe i should go to yorktown battlefields for a photo shoot.

  6. Thanks for passing on the information! Now if we just had the time to go...

  7. I wonder if my husband could get the pass, but we could both use it? I'd love to save money and go to some of the seaside parks!

  8. Very interesting, I did not know that! Well, you learn something new every day! :)

  9. Olde Dame Penniwig - Only one of you needs to get the pass and the other person will get in free. It is good for a visit by the passholder & three other people with the passholder!

  10. Soooo wonderful! Thank you for these wonderful impressions of these great national parks! And thank you for the birthday congratulations for my blog :)))
    I'm happy to know you in Bloggerland :)

  11. Hi Donna, Thank you for sharing. I must admit that I have not been to a national park for quite a while. When I had the walking bug we walked through some very pretty parks that just ran through bushy areas at time then came back to tree lined walks. It was all very relaxing and unique.
    Love and hugs

  12. I had no idea that that there were some kind of national park, monument etc... in 49 states. I wonder what happen to Delaware??? Great info Donna!


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