April 19, 2009

Back Home & Loving It

the Robert Carter office, located near the Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg
As much as we love to travel, we love returning home! I particularly missed my recliner and bed, LOL. We had gorgeous weather for our trip home yesterday, and enjoyed the spring colors throughout Virginia and east Tennessee. We are amazed how much green foliage has appeared here at the homestead during our weeklong absence. Gardening activities will be in full swing these last two weeks in April, that’s for sure!

We had a few glitches with our vacation, but nothing insurmountable. We got our fill of fresh seafood, which was one of our goals. We also wore ourselves out with walking, LOL. When weariness set in, we relied upon the courtesy van at Williamsburg Lodge and the historical area’s convenient shuttle bus system. Our biggest frustrations were with unruly children and their clueless parents. We found there to be higher concentrations than usual, and we are still wondering about the causes.

All in all, we loved Colonial Williamsburg. We took the time to immerse ourselves in many of the available programs and tours. The entire staff was professional and gracious. You can’t help but learn about that time in history and the unique individuals who laid the foundation for our country. It is a special place that Americans should make an effort to see and experience.

I hope that you followed along with my Twitter postings while everything was quiet here on my blog! It seems that Marty, my furry blog greeter, napped a lot and didn’t get into any mischief. Thank goodness! You'll be happy to know that I took about a thousand photographs during our trip. It is so easy to do with digital photography! In the days ahead, I plan to put together a Photobucket slide show for Colonial Williamsburg and share some pictures on other places we visited.

o, I am BACK and looking forward to catching up with my blogging friends again!

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  1. Glad you had a good time away.
    My Hubby would love the idea of seafood too...His Fav!
    It is always nice to be home.
    My own bed and pillow is what I am eager to greet again.

    Marty probley all tuckered out after Easter and all

  2. Sounds like a nice getaway (especially the seafood part) and I'm happy to hear parents are taking their kids to historical places and such on spring break...hopefully those few moments of discomfort didn't last long...oh to be young and fidgety again! :)

  3. I don't want to be the one to tell you, but Marty had a field day while you were gone. He went all over the place and you should have seen how he had your blog decorated, it looked like a carrot field. And he wore me out with his Twittering.

    Glad you enjoyed Wmsburg, what a lovely colonial place.

  4. Glad you had a great trip to Williamsburg! Welcome back to 'reality' again! lol. Can't wait to see more pictures of your trip, and of the coming weeks of your yard work there @ home.
    Welcome Back! :)

  5. I'm glad you're home safe and I agree it's so easy to take a million pictures when you have a digital.
    Big Hugs.

  6. I live only 25 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg. I love this area. Yorktown battlefield is the backdrop for most of my photos, and I love visiting Jamestowne!

    Glad you are back home safe and sound enjoying your bed and recliner, lol. I think everyone loves returning to their own stuff after a long trip.

    have a great day

  7. I'm so glad you and hubby had a nice trip, Donna. It's always good to be back home, though. :)

    Looking forward to the pictures!

  8. Well I Missed You!! I didn't do no twittering...don't know how!hahaa...might check that out! Get some rest sweetie!!hughugs

  9. Glad you are home Donna. I would love to see Colonial Williamsburg someday since I love history. Can't wait to see your photos and how did you get that little chickadee photo to connect to your twitter? I just have mine with updates. Welcome home!

  10. It is nice to come home after being gone for awhile. I know I always look forward to it. So sorry you had to deal with unruly children...or clueless parents. There does seem to be more of that going around. Can't wait to see your photos.


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