June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I hope that everyone has been checking my Twitter posts to see how I have been doing! Today is day 8. The surgery was a rousing success! The recovery is very painful, but I am moving along faster than most per the doctor. Hubby has proven, time and time again, to be a champion helpmate. I am celebrating each small step of progress as a major victory. My trait of headstrong determination is being put to good use as I mend, LOL!

I appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers SO MUCH! I didn’t set up the last post to accept comments because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to moderate and approved them for publishing for quite a while. I hope that you all understand and the funny cartoon made up for it!

I can’t sit for long periods here at the kitchen’s laptop docking station. Also, my office computer is not going to be used for quite a while because it is not suitable for a handicap situation. So please continue to look on Twitter for little posts about my progress and life here around Grey Havens cottage. (You may either ignore or enjoy my mild political rants. It’s your pick. I am in great need to vent off some steam, LOL.) I will try a blog post now and then. I have not been able to visit anybody’s blog lately, and I hope that all of my blogging buddies are doing great.

Thanks to the support of my loved ones and some medicine to help ease the pain, this birthday will be filled with a lot of joy!


  1. Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery

  2. Happy Birthday Girl!!! I had no idea else I would have made you cake! So glad you're doing well from the surgery, and YES I do check on the twitter thingamabob!!

    Take care and get well soon!! I'm so glad Hubby is such a good nurse! (((hugs and prayers)))

  3. Yes been checking your Tweets...
    I am so plased to hear you are battling along and being well cared for.
    Ahhhh If only I lived closer eh?
    Continue keeping positive and Celebrate each little triumph...

  4. Happy birthday! June is the best month for a birthday. :D I'm telling ya, 29 is not old so don't you fret.

    Glad to hear you are making super progress after your surgery.

  5. I have missed your updates as I don't ever hardly twitter. I actually forget about it. I was happy for this update and now I can wish you a Happy Birthday. Mine is coming up in July.
    Big hugs to you my friend.

  6. Happy Birthday to YOU!! And I'm glad to hear you are recovering nicely. Keep doing those exercises on that knee...it will be worth it in the end. I've been thinking about you and praying for you. I don't twitter so I'm glad you posted a brief update.

  7. Well, as you Know, We didn't let a little thing like "closing" comments deter US!Hahaa...We just posted on your Previous post!!Hahaa...
    That cap business has me Boiling!! It seems the 8 so-called Repubs live up in yankee land...I tried to leave comments but Unless you Live there, you can't Leave a comment! SO! I'm resigned to keep on these Southerners butts...Hahaa...Again sweetie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!!hughugs

  8. Happy Birthday toooooooooooo Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! It's great to know that you're doing so well. We women tend to handle pain and suffering a little better than the men folks do. :-) I suppose you're not dancing yet, but I reckon it won't be long coming.

    Hope your Birthday was special!

  9. Happy happy birthday , continue to improve .

  10. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Glad you are doing good and hope you have a great day. I'm not a twitterer, so I look foward to seeing your blog updates. Hope your road to recovery is smooth!

  11. I am so glad that you are recovering smoothly! What an answer to prayer, my dear! Happy Birthday to you as well! I hope it was a blessed one.
    Have a Happy 4th with whatever you will be doing (I'm sure resting!) :)

  12. Happy Birthday yesterday! I don't follow Twitter so I had no news until now. Glad to hear you are doing so well!

  13. happy belated birthday, donna....so good to hear things are going as well as can be....but with your feisty spirit...one would expect nothing else....and love that your hubby is such a good care giver!!! take care.

  14. Happy Birthday Donna Hope you had a good one. I am not surprised that you sre doing well. You are a strong person. I haven't been on my computer much this week so I need to check out twitter again. If only there was more time in the day. LOL So glad you are doing well and also glad you have such a great helper. Is Marty being much of a help?

  15. So good to hear from you Donna...so a Happy Birthday to you and dear loving hubby, Happy 4th July...and speedy recovery!

    Well done!

    ps I hope that was a photo of your real birthday cake..it looked delicious!

  16. Now that the grandkid are gone... sigh... I have a chance to see what's been going on. So happy to hear things are going well... and Happy Birthday! We share the same birthday!!! Keep up the good recovery!


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