July 5, 2009

July - A Look Ahead

This month is all about my recovery and rehab from total knee replacement surgery. The procedure was a success, and hubby has been taking excellent care of me. I am thankful that everything went well in the operating room, and I did not need a transfusion of my blood. The hospital staff was not as fully attentive as I expected, but there were a few gems to help lighten the ordeal.

The rehab has been very painful. The pain medicine does very little from what I can tell. My knee is quite swollen and the skin is numb. I am making progress, but it is at a snail’s pace. I do therapy exercises several times a day and am going to my doctor’s therapy center. My staples, all 42 of them, will be removed on Wednesday this week. Everyone tells me that I am doing great. But I know that the cost of that achievement is a lot of pain. This was the part that I was dreading. I am trying to remain positive, but it is very difficult.

Our real lives are on hold, and everything centers around my rehab now. It is surreal. I’ll continue to post my routine progress and thoughts on Twitter. If I am not feeling upbeat and content, it is difficult to feel inspired enough to write a blog post.

The contingency contract on our property expired on my birthday, and the people did not renew it. They are discouraged that their house has not sold, so they gave up and took it off the market. They had two contingency contracts on it. I’ve never understood how someone can achieve their dreams by giving up, but we wish them nothing but the best. Perhaps they will change their minds later. Perhaps not. Life goes on. We have some other good prospects that are in the process of selling their properties. We’re in a marathon here, and we are most definitely not giving up on our dream to downsize and settle into a villa home.

The garden is producing summer squash and peppers so far. Hubby will be picking little cherry tomatoes and beans very soon. The daylilies are still in their glory, and I can’t help but smile when I see them outside the windows or on my way to the truck for physical therapy. From a distance, I see the sunflower plants standing tall. By the time they bloom, I hope that hubby can help me get out there to take a few pictures. We’ll see. I will be sitting out on the front porch when I feel up to it and watch the hummingbirds drink at the feeders. We’ve got some new nests in a couple of the bird houses (bluebird and wren), so more baby birds will start their lives here at our cottage.

I’m doing a little reading and watching more television than I want to. I have not felt like doing any needlework yet. It is difficult to do photography while using a granny walker, LOL, so that pastime is on hold. My life is incredibly dull and uninspiring right at the moment. Your continued patience and good thoughts are appreciated. I hope to feel up to visiting some of you soon, with the laptop balanced on half of my lap. I miss you, my friends!


  1. awww Donna, my heart goes out to you that you are having to endure so much in your life right now. 42 staples...wow..now that is a bit more than I have been removing from patients,(24-30 +)even with total hips...apparently you have yourself quite an incision! You will like having those staples out though . Take it opne day at a time..each will get better now you are over the hump.I can feel your discouragement. I think you must have had more work done than most total kneees do, after reading the amount of swelling and numbness...and pain. ( aa very involved knee no doubt..good you got it fixed)
    Take care sweetie..my thoughts are with you!

  2. Donna I hope you improve day by day and look forward to a "spring" in your new step !

  3. We miss you too, Donna! Although I haven't had knee surgery, I was the care taker for my sister-in-law when she had her second knee done a few years back. I saw enough then to know that the recovery is EXTREMELY difficult. On a bright note...she seemed to get some noticeable relief once the staples were out. So perhaps things will improve a bit when that happens for you soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers and know that you'll be back to all your traveling days in fine style before long.

  4. I just want you to know we DO miss you!! Hope that knee gets better SOON and you find yourself out in that garden again! I can't imagine how it must hurt sweetie...hang in there and know we're not going anywhere! Been missing your photos as well...Peaceful Sunday to you!!hughugs

  5. I pray for you daily, I'm so sorry your having to go through this pain, but hopefully it will all pay off in the long run! I miss you, too!

  6. You poor thing! Hope you feel better soon. Those staples are so nasty, they cause such irritation to the tissues, ugh.

  7. Oh my it sounds so painful with all those stitches. I hope you get back real soon and post your awesome creation!

  8. I know the ongoing AGONY my Mum suffered with her knee op.
    Was hard and at times very depressing....
    but try to keep a watch put the windows there at all the birds and flowers and keep your spirirts up.
    That Man of yours sounds to be doing a great job of caring for you.
    Thinking of you and hope recovery is in leaps and bounds

  9. I'm so happy that you're feeling well enough to do this post but I know you have much more healing to do. I'll be by to visit here and on twitter to hopefully cheer you on. Hang in there!!

  10. I sure am glad you had your surgery in the summertime when there's lot of sunshine, happy birds and flowers to cheer you up! Keep up as well as you can, and just give it time and your body time to heal itself. I was pregnant once and had a surgery on my ankle to recover from and found out then that I am not a very good person to sit around and recover and I understand well the "down days"....I will pray that you roll right along once those staples come out! ((((HUGS))))

  11. My mom had knee surgery a few years ago and she is getting around so much better now. Keep in mind the end goal that you are working towards. I know you will be back to your travels and photography before long. You can do it!

  12. And we miss you too Donna. Thanks for keeping us updated. Continue to pray for your steady recovery.

    Love and prayers from Annie


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