September 22, 2009

Fall Greetings & Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells, located outside of Aspen,  Colorado
Fall 2009 has arrived! If this picture doesn’t get you in the mood for the new season, then there is no hope for you! It’s time to think about putting away the summer clothes and beginning to load the closet with your fall/winter wardrobe. Crisp air will soon greet you in the morning, and colorful leaves will blanket your lawn. Fall is coming, ready or not!

Do you recognize the famous mountain peaks in this photo? The Maroon Bells Scenic Area was one of the highlight destinations on the National Parks of the West tour that we took last fall. The spectacular glacial valley is located right outside of Aspen, Colorado. We arrived mid-morning, and the weather was as gorgeous as the scenery. Add a polarizing filter for the camera lens and clear mountain air into the mix, and you have to work extra hard to take any boring photographs!

I have visited this destinations once before, back in my days as a broke college student in Kansas. I owned a cheap Polaroid camera (remember those?) and could afford very little film. I think I took two or three pictures. Goodness only knows where those pictures are today. And who cares, because they weren’t very good, LOL! Fast forward to almost 40 years later, I am now retired and enjoying this scenery with my sweet hubby and dear friends. I also have much better camera equipment to capture the splendor.

As a special treat for my blog readers, I have put together a brief Photobucket slideshow of the fall scenery at this magical place in the Colorado Rockies. Get comfortable, click on the link below, and enjoy your armchair journey!


  1. Donna I love those pics. My favorite ones are looking into the water and seeing the relection of the trees. Beautiful. We didn't take photos of the kids when they were little...well very few..because we coudn't afford to get the film developed especially if the photos were rubbish. I love digital!!!

    Keep us updated on you SIL...hope your mum is fine. xxxRobby

  2. Gorgeous picture! Just look at that beautiful blue sky!

  3. Those were Beautiful Donna! I really liked the mountain and water shots! Gorgeous country!hughugs

  4. I always love this time of year waiting for fall to arrive and today being the first day of autumn makes me feel like it's a little closer...even though we are still having 100 degree weather. I can't wait to be able to wear fall clothes!

    Beautiful picture, as always ~
    Love that crisp look.

  5. Great photos! What beautiful scenery..How luck you are!
    Thanks for sharing your trip with me :)
    *God Bless*

  6. I love it! Thanks so much for the beautiful photos!! Jan

  7. Simply beautiful scenery and photography! Happy Fall!


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