September 23, 2009

Farewell to Physical Therapy!

Yesterday, I passed the three-month milestone for my knee replacement surgery. And today, I was officially released from physical therapy! Hooray, no more torture sessions! My therapist did a good job in getting my knee back into shape, and now I am on my own for further rehabilitation. The center had become somewhat of a second home after countless visits, so I said “farewell” to the dear old place and the sweet memories left behind!

I will be missing this foot exercise machine at the therapy center immensely. Ahhh!

And, this device has gotten me back into shape for plowing the garden next spring with the mule.

This one helped stretch out me out and keep me limber during each therapy session.

I saw several patients who used this apparatus to build their upper body strength. (Hint: The less you weighed, the easier it was.)

The physical therapists were attentive while patients did their workouts and were always ready to crank the settings up a notch.

This machine was used for rehabilitating male patients with some type of affliction. Um, enough said…

And, I never had the courage to ask about the purpose of this exercise contraption. However, I did notice a manufacture nameplate on it that said “IRS”.


  1. Good for you! Soon you will be back to traveling and posting beautiful pictures! Those old exercise machines are hilarious and even funnier is the way they are dressed to work out!

  2. Hope you wore your Sunday best to workout like The people in the Pictures!
    Those photos make me cringe....They look torturous!
    Glad you are free of your "sessions" and can continue along at home.
    Think of you often

  3. Congrats to you! I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly!


  4. Good heavens it looks like the Inquisition took over the exercise and rehab business!

  5. Oh my friend, you need to link that up to my Friday Funnies cause that's funny right there!
    Glad to hear that you are all done with the torture chamber.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Very funny...and congratulations on your graduation from physical therapy school!

    So does that mean we will see you zooming around the countryside again? I hope so!

    Thanks for popping in to see my Dust Storm photos...they are predicting more for us for tomorrow, but since most of the dust has been transplanted already, then it shouldn't be quite so bad!

    All the best Donna. Hope those knees continue to get better and better.

  7. I am so glad your doing well. I love the pictures.

  8. HAhahahaa....OMWord Girl!!! You went through Hell!!!LOLOL...
    Some of your Drs though, were kinda cute!!
    Glad That's over for you and DH!!

  9. Reminds me of some of the machines we used back in the olden days I was in nurses training..ha ha! the one of the man lying down ..I think was also used for proctoscopies!
    So glad to hear you are finally on the has been one grueling and difficult year for you...I am so glad it has all worked out well now.
    the pictures are great..I love the fall time! thanks for sharing!!

  10. Tooooo funny! I loved the photos! And, I am so glad that you are done with that torture! How on earth will you keep busy now? Jan

  11. Donna, those pictures had me laughing out loud! I'm so glad you are finished with the physical therapy. Hope that means life is getting back to normal for you.

    Nita Jo


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