October 24, 2009

Hanging in There

if you get any closer, I'm going to hop right on your face
It’s only a week before Halloween, so I thought I would show you a picture to creep you out, LOL! This praying mantis critter was crawling on the door to the garage the other day. It was huge – probably a good 6 inches long! We have a lot of them in our gardens and they especially like to stay in the lavender bed. In fact, hubby just found an egg case on one of the daylily stalks, right next to the lavender. This is one of the few bugs that don’t make me scream. But I had to admit, zooming in on that face in my Photoshop program did give me a little bit of the willies! Geez, it’s got wings and could have flung itself on my face! See how my wee noggin wanders?

Anyhow, we are “hanging in there” this week. We have a long to-do list to make our move next month a successful one and we’re achieving some progress! We’re making arrangements and packing boxes with some semblance of organization. We have been cleaning out and selling things for a couple of years now. But, we still pause and question our sanity about how many things we have accumulated. Despite our best efforts, we know we will be unpacking boxes next summer and won’t be able to figure out where to put everything.

Our backs are getting a workout, and we’re sore in places where we haven’t been sore in years. So don’t pay those fitness centers for your exercise! Come on over and we’ll give you a free workout! If you can’t make it, please do yourself a favor and clean out one of your closets or cupboards. You’ll thank me for it later!


  1. HAAAAaaaaa It does have wings...
    You funny gal.
    All the best with all the packing and sorting...Never fun!!!
    I can feel your pain,My back killing too!!!

  2. Take care with all the packing and all that goes with getting from one place to another, especially since you are recovering from knee surgery!

  3. Oh yeah, I know what you mean about accumulation of "things". Man, we can really do it, can't we?

    Take care that you don't over-do it, Donna. I know that's easier said than done, though.

    Sending warm hugs & lots of love. :)

  4. I love your bug, we rarely see these bugs here, I guess it's just too cold. My son loved them when we visited. I think that was the highlight of our vacation. Imagine. I learned all about not keeping things when I moved my mother, and yet I can't seem to move in my own home. I keep getting organizational items, never to be organized. Watch your knee. Keep well. Thanks for the bug. It'll be my screen saver for now.

  5. I love up close critter pictures and
    that is a fine one!

    Don't forget to take care of your knee whilst doing all of the packing and toting.

  6. When I grow up I wanna be just like you!!!! I love your praying mantis!!! The highlight of our summer trip last years was the fireflies. They are amazing!!!

    Have fun packing...uggghhh hate it.


  7. I just posted a picture of one on my blog. Came right up to my window like it was looking in at me. I don't mind them either, especially when their little but the big ones do give me the shivers. lol

    Take Care,

  8. i always thought praying mantis's were green.??
    i have sen brown ones-- but i thought they were a different creature-- 'a stick bug'
    forgive my stupidity. are the chameleon -like? help-- i'm dumb.

    anyhow-- either way i have liked them since i was a kid. along with fire- flies . or-- lightning bugs-- whichever.

    hmmm... what else?

    i would go help ya pack and move-- but well, i'm kinda not in a position to do that at the time. maybe when you are settling in i can help. we shall see.

    do take care of the bods -- both of you-- take breaks .. and hmmm... i would say-- lift with the legs -- but you need to protect yours. so just take it easy-

    happy sundayy!

  9. Glad your making great progress! And I know your taking care of your knee by sitting down every now and then--right?
    You should have a small yardsale on The Keeping Room of things you can't seem to get rid of! I'd like a gander! :)
    ((hugs & blessings))

  10. Praying mantises are so interesting, but towards other bugs, they are fierce! But we all must eat.

  11. oh man....and i thought someday i would be able to buy it!!! :-)....happy that things are falling in place........i can't even begin to think about what moving would be like again!!!
    make sure you aren't doing too much!

  12. So happy that you finally sold your cottage! You will have a big job packing but sounds like you have it under control. A little at a time! Oh and thanks for the creep-out pic this morning!

  13. I hope you've got "the check" in your hands!! Geez, that's a Lot of work if it's not a "done" deal!
    Hope you're being good to Marty and that knee Girl!!hughugs

  14. Watch that knee!! And both backs!! Love the Praying Mantis! We brought one in the house when we were kids...thought that the coccoon was a butterfly one....Woke up the next morning to MASSES of the little critters...(the heated house had sped up the process) and my Mom laughed 'til she cried...we carried those babies outside for days!!! Thanks for the memories! Gotta go call Mom now!

  15. Had lots of preying mantises when I gardened. They would fly and land on me. I love Jan's story of bringing in a PM cocoon!

  16. Great photo -- I've never seen a praying mantis up close =) Sending you early Happy Halloween greetings!


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