November 29, 2009

A Dramatic Sky

digitally enhanced stormy sky
This poor blog has been so neglected lately! So my blog greeter, Marty, suggested that I give you a little visual photo treat from our trip last week to middle Kentucky. Specifically, he challenged me to show you an artsy-fartsy one, instead of the usual “post card” type. Challenge accepted!
Sunshine lasted only a few short minutes after our arrival at Shaker Village, and clouds hung over us the rest of the day. The clouds got more interesting as the day wore on, and I took a hurried snapshot as I came outside one of the buildings. I have to admit that the original photo looks very dull. But I knew a captured image had some potential after a few adjustments in Photoshop CS4.

elow is the original image, with no editing. I filled in a little of the branches on the pine tree on the lower left, adjusted the levels, and then played with the RGB color curve. That’s it. I was done with the magic in a couple of minutes. If you don’t routinely use a photo editing program, hopefully the comparison of these two photos will help convince you that a computer can be a great friend to a photographer in this digital age!
original image of cloudy sky
I plan to get back into the blogging groove this month, now that our home-life situation has settled down a bit. I am also looking forward to learning and playing more with digital images in the days ahead and sharing them with you!


  1. That's a dramatic difference, and I really like what you did with that picture.

  2. Love what you did with the picture. The clouds look amazing!

  3. So much can be done with Photos Nowdays eh?
    Nice to have a little news from you,Try and rest alittle now the big move is over.
    Hows the knee been?

  4. Your photos are Always gorgeous...You could make a white sock look good!hahaa...Glad you're getting settled!! Enjoy!hughugs

  5. Nice work on the photo! ( and welcome back to the have been missed!)

  6. Ooo, Photoshop! Looks like you are having fun with that amazing program!


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