December 1, 2009

December - A Look Ahead

This month is going to be zippy! And happy! Santa arrived early for us with the sale of our country cottage last month. Today, we purchase the lot and sign the contract with the builder for our new villa-style cottage! Construction will start immediately. If all goes well with the weather, our new “Grey Havens” will be finished by the end of May!

We are making appointments and meeting with various suppliers this month to pick out appliances, cabinets, lighting, etc. There are a lot of decisions to make, but we’re ready! We have wanted to get on with this phase of our lives for the past three years. So bring it on!

We are now comfortably settled into our rental home and recuperating from all the hard work of packing, moving, and unpacking essentials needed for the next six months. My knee is improving, but it has residual aches and pains associated with nerve damage and swelling. I greatly appreciate everyone's concern about my healing! I am getting around well, but I don’t break any speed records, LOL! I just take it slow and easy, making sure of my footing at all times. We’ll be getting back to the fitness center this month, and routine workouts will help me improve further.

Also on the health front, sweet hubby is going to have a routine colon test, and I will have a bone scan (for osteoporosis). We have a couple of other doctor checkups scheduled this month too. We are pretty healthy and intend to remain so!

We had a lovely short trip to middle Kentucky last month. No other journeys are planned for the near term. We intend to hit the traveling trail next spring. In the meantime, I will be immersing myself in self-taught photo editing lessons, in-between the oversight of our cottage building activities. And I will doing more blogging too!


  1. My Hubby has to have "the" test Dec 10th as well...
    So glad things are moving right along for you sweetie! It's been a Long wait!!hughugs

  2. I'm SO excited for the two of you!! It's nice to see you here and I look forward to hearing ALL the details of this wonderful new adventure. ((((hugs))))

  3. yaaayyyyy. Chosing things for the house we had built was the best fun...blew my budget though.

    If you find any tips or tricks on ps...please do tutorials...I need to learn so much.

    Have a great December and enjoy your Christmas without worries of the future. I am so happy that the house sold for you and Jim.


  4. I bet picking out all the colors and appliances and such is a fun activity!

  5. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing progress reports on how the new homestead is coming along.
    Thank you so much for entering my giveaway, best of luck!

  6. Donna, I am so excited for you! I hope you have a blast picking out everything for your new Gray Havens!

    Glad you are getting your Osteo test. I have it! I'm an inch and a half shorter than two years ago. Why, oh why didn't I listen when mom and grandma told me to drink my milk... lol!

    Nita Jo

  7. All sounds pretty good to me Donna...not the knee or the doctor's appointments, but the general progress and the start on your new place! Hope it will all progress smoothly for you!

    I am awake early here in NYC...a little jet lag! Wondering if I can sneak into the kitchen for some tea n toast without waking them all!

    Hope you have a great week!

    BTW I love the new background, especially the cobweb. Very cute!


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