November 17, 2009

A Moving Experience

here we are, moving to our temporary homestead!
It took a day and a half, but the moving service got us over to our new, temporary home! They did a fine job and everything went well. We lucked out with good weather too. We moved many household essentials ourselves over the past week, so that helped streamline the work by the pros. The two big rooms in our rental’s basement also proved to be more than adequate for warehousing the majority of our furniture and long-term storage boxes.

The past month has been chaotic and tested our physical endurance. And we’re not over yet! Yep, we’re facing the dreaded “aftermath” of the moving experience! We still need to unpack everything for our two offices and set up our desktop computers. (I’m using a laptop right now.) We also have to make more trips back to our country cottage to clear out the garage, empty a few more cupboards, and complete tidying chores.

My knee has suffered some in the past few days, and I can sure tell that my current stamina leaves a lot to be desired. My poor hubby has been gotten some wear and tear on him too. We’re hoping that we can recharge our batteries and get some needed rest during the Thanksgiving holiday.

I appreciate all your good wishes and prayers. Our next milestone is the house closing next week. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts!


  1. OH my friend. Moving is such a pain. We are in the process of possibly trying to buy a different house and sell ours too. Oy!
    Hugs and I hope you find your rest soon.

  2. Thinking of you as you're shifting gears and heading in a new direction. Hope you have a restful holiday!

  3. I don't know what's worse: packing up or unpacking. With packing you have the deadline of getting everything done, but with unpacking you have to find it all and figure out where to put it in the new place! Good wishes for this part of the adventure.

  4. Moving is never fun but sounds like you two whipped into action and just got on with the job!
    All the best and do try and rest some:)

  5. Moving is quite the miserable experience. That's one reason I got rid of 90% of my possessions. I don't miss any of it, either.

    Hope Marty is enjoying the move and is still getting his carrots regularly!!!

    Rest that knee!!!

  6. Goodness! I know you'll be happy to be Done with all of this!
    BUT! I don't see Marty's basket in the back of your truck!!!Hahaa...Don't forget Him!!
    Glad it's all downhill from here girl!hughugs

  7. Oh goodness, I feel for you both; you must be totally exhausted. However, I am EXCITED for your future!!

    Take care, and thanks for the update. Thinking of you with love and hugs.

  8. Hi Donna! Sounds you have been super busy with the move. Rest that knee and I am so glad this all worked out for you. If I don't get back before, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for blogging friends like you. :-)

  9. Thinking of you Donna...hope all goes well...bit stressful shifting, isn't it?

    I arrive in NYC the day after Thanksgiving.. to visit my little family for a nice while..

    I won't mind missing the summer here...tho we haven't been quite as bad as further south. And actually summer hasn't even officially begun yet!

  10. after the exhaustion of the actual moving is done...and the closing is behind exciting to look forward to a new beginning!!!! take care and hoping you get some rest and recuperating time!!!

  11. Oh my, a house closing and a holiday so close together! Enjoy the respite where and when you can find it!!!! More peaceful days are just around the corner...

    Be gantle on that knee!

  12. Hi Donna - so glad that this phase is almost over... but sorry about your knee. Please take it easy (and Jim, too) while you can, now that the worst of this is over. I'm so glad it went as well as it did. Hugs! -Jackie

  13. is all over now. Have a great time planning the rest of your new home. xxxxxxxxxRobby


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